Reduce Customer Support Requests and Wait Times with Telecom Self-Service

Provide 24/7 automated service. Reduce agents dedicated to customer support while improving self-service and increasing conversion rates.
Your telecommunications support automation platform is here.

For telecommunications leaders looking to increase customer retention while attracting new clients, Inbenta’s AI platform automates and reduces support requests, whilst delivering conversational experiences that can help boost conversions with a proactive support and increase self-service support to save your employee’s precious time.

The tool to reduce and automate support requests

Support teams are often overwhelmed with incoming support requests and waiting times can become painfully long. Providing great customer service is everything. Customers expect their issues to be solved immediately, or they’ll find better support somewhere else.

Shorten Average Handling Times (AHT) and speed up resolution times with the
latest automation tool for real-time, 24/7, automated support.

The AI platform for telecom companies

4 Solutions, 1 Platform

  • A telecom chatbot:
    the first step to successful support

    Your 9 to 5 service is over.
    With a telecommunications chatbot you can provide around-the-clock service:

    – Maximize first-contact resolution (FCR)
    – Automatically generate bills on-demand
    – Facilitate technician appointments
    – Automate plan upgrades
    – Simplify new product purchases
    – Enable no-contact data modification

  • A knowledge center that will reduce repetitive incoming calls

    Give quick access to relevant and standard data like plans, commitment terms, and more:

    Help customers understand how to set up calling features, check their balance, and more without agent intervention.

    – Understand what the most frequent doubts are regarding your telecom plans and services and update answers in the help center accordingly to maximize self-service.

    – Easy-to-use CMS to update content when necessary and keep up with new legislation, technologies like 5G, and more.

  • Easily manage all telecom support cases from a single platform

    Unify your ticketing system in a queue of support cases with Inbenta’s multichannel case management system.

    – Manage your telecom support queue by centralizing tickets from email, social, and eCommerce contacts.

    Real-time chat with your agents that can be automatically escalated from your telecom chatbot instance when needed.

    – Content suggestion from your knowledge base that helps agents and telecom technicians give easy answers with one click.

  • Simplify search within
    your telecom website or app

    The typical keyword-based search is dead. With Inbenta’s Enterprise Search you can help users:

    Search by meaning, instead of by keyword. Inbenta’s semantic sees beyond typos or synonyms.

    Search among different sources with a federated search that pulls data from all of your telecommunication materials to deliver the best results.

    – Find personalized answers by leveraging previously-searched content or content related to a user’s interests.

Increase customer retention
while attracting new clients

Benefits of automating your telecom customer service

  • Increase Self-Serve Support and Reduce Service Costs
    Reduce agents’ workload and Average Handling Time (AHT) with automation, 24/7

    – Save time by automating answers to repetitive queries
    – Speed up Average Handling Times and increase first-contact resolution
    – Free time for agents to focus on higher-value tasks.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
    Achieve great CSAT scores with cutting-edge support

    – Be reactive to issues and leave customers with a good impression.
    – Recommend promotions according to eligibility and provide all telecom-related information they might need.
    – Let customers access internet and phone invoices with zero waiting time.

  • Boost Conversations With a Proactive Approach
    A Conversational Platform to Turn Visitors Into Buyers

    – Catch visitors and turn them into customers before they leave your site.
    – Push promotions into a chat and increase campaign conversion.
    – Upgrade internet, phone or TV plans for existing customers.

One call away is no longer good enough


increase in conversions

from day 1

launch it in no time thanks to the 0 training needed


telecom-related predefined


typical return on investment.Wow, right?


Automating customer service:
3 elements to deliver the best support

Discover three smart solutions that can help you transform your call centers and improve your resolution and handling times, whilst automating a big part of support requests. Discover how AI can help you do that and much more.