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competitive advantage

Explainable Conversational AI purpose-built to optimize customer experience and boost sales

Trained over a decade across industries and use cases, Inbenta's proprietary AI is highly accurate and safe to use, allowing companies to confidently improve customer experience at scale.
Intelligent automation spanning customer service, marketing, sales and internal functions
Legacy bots and agent intervention that doesn't provide self-service tools or intelligence

Access to Proprietary AI

Inbenta uses Natural Language Processing, Neuro-Symbolic AI and a Lexicon to understand the real meaning behind queries, to sort information, and to achieve a 95% correct answer rate that improves with each interaction.

AI Platform that Extends Beyond Chatbot

Inbenta applies it proprietary AI across its services – including Chatbot, Search, Knowledge, Benti and Digital Instructor – to improve customer experience overall.

Interoperable and Highly Configurable

Inbenta’s services come ready-to-use, are highly-configurable to different industries and uses cases, interoperable across multiple platforms and integrations, and available in 35 languages.


Utilize a chatbot that can autonomously engage in complex customer conversations, answer questions and complete tasks.


Incorporate a user-friendly search functionality that makes it easy for customers to find your content.


Organize your company’s content, making it fast and simple to find, with a knowledge management tool.


Optimize customer engagement across multiple platforms with a centralized case management and ticketing system.

Digital Instructor

Provide 24/7, instant self-serve customer support with step-by-step product tutorials.