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generative ai integration

Use Generative AI to instantaneously develop and organize content, with minimal effort, and in a manner that supports the opportunity for oversight and increased compliance

Seamlessly add Open AI, Google, or other leading Generative AI platforms into Inbenta’s customer experience workflows and control how, where, and when these platforms are used.
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Supercharge Content Development

Cut your content development timeline by well over half, supercharging your ability to quickly develop customer service responses, chatbot scripts, helpful content pieces and more.

Integrated Into Inbenta Customer Experience Platform

Easily deploy and track AI generated content and responses across Inbenta customer experience platform, including chatbot, search, messenger, knowledge and other customer experience tools.
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Add Oversight and Compliance to Generative AI

Providing choice and the ability to control the review and delivery of AI generated content, Inbenta is helping companies deploy Generative AI in a safer and more responsible manner, allowing companies to add layers of human oversight and review of AI generated content.