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About Us

Conversational AI platform that spans customers and industries across the globe

1,000 clients globally
95% accuracy rate
35 languages

Accuracy.  Safety.  Customer Experience. 

Founded in 2005, Inbenta has been at the forefront of helping companies optimize customer experience using Conversational AI. Inbenta’s Conversational AI platform improves customer experience by resolving user questions and tasks automatically, in a way that feels personal. Using a proprietary set of  Conversational AI tools, Inbenta’s services excel at understanding language and the true intent and meaning behind user inquiries, and responding accurately. Importantly, Inbenta’s Conversational AI platform prioritizes safety and compliance as a key measure of its success. Today, Inbenta offers Chat, Search, Knowledge, Benti and Digital Instructor services that are used by over 1,000 companies globally in 90 languages.

“The next generation of AI is here. Enterprises in industries across the globe are looking to AI to optimize and augment their operations. Inbenta’s Conversational AI platform is purpose-built to intelligently automate customer service, marketing and sales, and internal operations.”
melissa solis
Melissa Solis

Reimagine the Future of Customer Experience Through AI

Automate Customer Interactions

women in blue on phone

Reduce the Cost and Effort Associated with Human Intervention

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Create an Always-On Channel for Sales, Marketing and HR



We are a company at the cutting-edge of the improving customer experience through AI. Innovative does not end with providing the most advanced technology, it’s also about giving employees the chance to grow and develop new and exciting ideas. We have created an environment that encourages people to push the boundaries and innovate.


While we excel in the field of artificial intelligence, we also value creating an open and honest atmosphere within the company. Transparent leadership is the key to fostering a culture of trust between leaders and their employees. Inbenta has adopted a zero-tolerance policy on corruption in all its forms and undertakes to comply with the anti-corruption laws applicable to it, in all circumstances.

Team Work

At Inbenta we have to work in close-knit teams on various enterprises that form our organization. Despite the challenging situations of being a global company, we all enjoy what we do in part because of an environment dedicated to building team culture. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to our customers, not simply through building the best search solutions out there, but through ensuring we respect and trust the people we work with.