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Inbenta Announces Generative AI Integration

DALLAS, TX – June 26, 2024 – Inbenta, a leading provider of Conversational AI solutions, is excited to announce the integration of Generative AI into its global customer experience platform. This cutting-edge integration lets businesses generate original, high-quality content and enhance their customer engagement without sacrificing control or compliance.

Generative AI, also known as GenAI, refers to artificial intelligence systems that can generate original content in response to prompts.

Inbenta’s GenAI integration gives customers the flexibility to select when and where to use GenAI to enhance the user experience.

“If a customer chooses to add GenAI, we expertly blend it into their AI solution so they can leverage its power and flexibility,” says Inbenta CTO Merlin Bise. “This increases productivity across their organization, creates answers where none may have existed before and provides a world-class end user experience.”

Inbenta customers can seamlessly integrate GenAI into their Conversational AI chatbot, leveraging the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), such as the GPT series, to generate human-like text responses where gaps may exist in their knowledge base.

Customers can also integrate GenAI into their Knowledge product, saving time and effort to research, organize and update content, decreasing time-to-market, enhancing productivity and giving their business a competitive edge.

Additionally, GenAI bridges language barriers, letting businesses provide support and information in multiple languages without needing complete knowledge bases for each language.

One of the defining features of Inbenta’s GenAI integration is the meticulous control and oversight it offers. Organizations can maintain governance and compliance standards, ensuring the accuracy, relevance and reliability of the generated content. Inbenta’s transparent AI platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a proprietary Lexicon to engage users while ensuring the generated content aligns with the organization’s guidelines and regulations.

“By integrating Generative AI into our Conversational AI platform, we are giving our customers a powerful tool to unlock the full potential of their knowledge base,” Bise adds. “We remain committed to delivering real-time, interactive responses with unparalleled control, security and accuracy.”

About Inbenta

Inbenta is a leading provider of Conversational AI solutions that let businesses seamlessly engage with their customers. With advanced AI technologies, including Generative AI, Inbenta delivers real-time, interactive responses to customer inquiries, enhancing the user experience and driving customer satisfaction. Backed by decades of experience and expertise in artificial intelligence, Inbenta continues to redefine the way businesses connect and communicate with their customers.

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