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Automate Conversational Experiences with AI

Our unified AI platform future-proofs your customer support engine and boosts your bottom line. Create conversational experiences and digital agent workflows that let your customers self-serve while enhancing satisfaction at scale.

AI interactions that will delight your customers

Inbenta’s Blended AI gives human-like conversational responses with +95% accuracy. Reliable digital agents build trust and drive higher adoption with customers, creating more value for your business.


response accuracy


self-service rate


service cost reduction 


A proven track record driving business value with AI
Developed and refined over 15+ years, our AI solutions have been helping clients excel longer than most AI companies have existed.
Neoenergia automates +15M customer queries with AI chatbot
We are really glad to have Inbenta on our side – they understood we wanted to go through a digital transformation but in a human way.
debt collected via chatbot
$ 0 M
successful interactions
+ 0 M

GOL Airlines deflects +10M customer queries annually with Inbenta

90% of customers who use our Inbenta-powered services say it’s a very good or excellent service, and we are obviously very happy with that result.
online check-ins
0 %
customer satisfaction
+ 0 %
M&T saves $2M and transforms digital adoption with Inbenta
Inbenta's Digital Instructor platform has become a cornerstone of M&T Bank's strategy to enhance both digital fluency and customer service.
in cost savings
$ 0 M+
support hours deflected
0 K
20% of FNAC’s sales driven by Inbenta’s platform
Inbenta allows us to do a complete analysis of users' questions to optimize workflows, anticipate FAQs and display the most relevant answers based on users' browsing behavior.
sales driven by AI
0 %
support hours deflected
0 K


Deliver omnichannel conversational experiences with one unified platform

Meet your customers where they are. Use our omnichannel solution across social media, messaging apps, CRMs and more, from text to video to voice — even live translation.


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Discover the power of a platform that gives you the control and flexibility to deliver valuable customer experiences at scale.


Deploy flexible solutions adapted to your needs, from plug & play to highly customized

Boost customer satisfaction

As consumer behaviors evolve, empower your customers to control their experience by serving them answers how and where they want.

  • Chat, voice, video & more
  • Accessibility friendly
  • 100+ native languages
  • Integrates with your tools
Increase employee productivity

Leverage AI-enabled services to automate the resolution of common employee issues, saving time and resources while increasing productivity.

  • HR & onboarding systems
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • IT & Helpdesk support
  • Reduce complexity in procurement
Capture more revenue

Boost sales and marketing performance by enhancing customer engagement, providing recommendations, and facilitating a better online experience.

  • Reduce waiting times
  • Providing self-service features
  • Engage customers fast & with accuracy
  • Recommend products and services using enhanced logic
Boost your bottom line with AI
Future proof your processes and stay on the cutting-edge of technology. Optimize customer experience by deploying smart, AI-enabled automation services that engage customers, resolve issues, and improve outcomes.
Trusted by the world’s largest companies
The Inbenta difference

We are pioneers in the AI space, having partnered with thousands of businesses to drive business value with AI. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships founded on trust & transparency.


Our proprietary Conversational AI consists of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and a native Lexicon to create near-perfect understanding and response accuracy.

Inbenta is a secure and transparent AI solution, giving companies control to audit, analyze and govern the responses shared with end users and monitor their organization’s compliance. ​
Two-decade track record of building, fine-tuning and implementing LLMs. Enterprises can feel confident in our ability to deliver a world-class experience both for them and their customers. ​
Proven Conversational AI supercharged by GenAI

Our Blended AI takes the strengths of Generative AI and fuses them with our proprietary technology to produce more powerful, accurate and flexible AI solutions.