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Neoenergia automates +15M customer queries with AI chatbot

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Customer Service

Automate Conversational Experiences with AI

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Inbenta powers an energy giant’s digital transformation

Utility companies know that when it comes to customer service, every second counts. Brazil’s Neoenergia was struggling to keep up with customer demand and looking to redirect users to digital self-service. They turned to Inbenta to help them transform their customer service with the power of AI.

Brazilian energy giant Neoenergia manages 13.9 million supply points.

The company provides energy to 37 million people.

Who: Brazilian energy giant Neoenergia operates in 18 states and manages 13.9 million supply points covering nearly 850,000 square km. The company provides energy to 37 million people and is the main private power company listed in the B3 (Brazil Stock Exchange).

What: With over 5 million users and surging customer service requests, Neoenergia needed a digital solution that could understand complex user queries and automatically handle various interactions and procedures.

Why Inbenta: Having tried a competitor chatbot solution and being dissatisfied with the results, Neoenergia recognized that Inbenta’s Natural Language Processing and proprietary Lexicon made its chatbot special: able to understand user intent and respond clearly and accurately no matter how complex the query.

We've had around 1.5 million customers per month contacting us on the WhatsApp chatbot we developed with Inbenta.

Renato Suplicy– Head of Digital Strategies and Services at Neoenergia


  1. Digitize customer service
    while delivering the same or superior service quality as a physical branch

  2. Understand complex customer queries using natural language

  3. Scale customer service capacity to meet a surge in customer requests


Neoenergia partnered with Inbenta to develop a WhatsApp chatbot and Knowledge Management system that would give customers the answers they need quickly and accurately using natural language.

The chatbot offers customers the main services they would receive at a physical branch, including debt negotiation, invoice information, power outage and network connection details and more. The chatbot can also detect issues that need human intervention and can escalate the conversation to a live agent without losing context.

Neoenergia’s AI-powered chatbot can handle

  • Invoice copy requests
  • Communicating power outages
  • Service reconnections
  • Debt negotiation
  • Energy theft reporting


Neoenergia’s WhatsApp chatbot has become a key component of the company’s support stack.

By the Numbers

  • 11.5 million customers used the chatbot to request a duplicate invoice
  • 2.9 million customers used the chatbot to declare or receive power outage information
  • 10 chatbot implementations across 5 distributors
  • $240 million customer debt negotiated through the chatbot
  • 92% customer debt settled through the chatbot

Inbenta Benefits

  • Lower your cost, increase your ROI
  • Keep up with customer preferences
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Get higher retention rates, customer loyalty and lifetime value

Working with Inbenta

We are really glad to have Inbenta on our side. Inbenta understood that we wanted to go through a digital transformation, but in a human way. We wanted our WhatsApp chatbot to be a way to serve our customers better, whilest taking into account the fact that customer behaviors are always changing.

Renato Suplicy- Head of Digital Strategies and Service