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Explaining Generative Artificial Intelligence?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that is trained on data sets to generate outputs in response to a prompt (we call this an input). Outputs can be text, images, sound, or other types of content—it all depends on the prompt and the particular implementation.

Generative AI has almost endless use cases. For instance, it can be used to:

  • produce customized content, like personalized documents and emails,
  • simulate and analyze customer interactions, and
  • generate customer segmentation

How Inbenta uses Generative AI

If a customer chooses, we use Generative AI at Inbenta to supplement our platform, including our chatbot and knowledge services. We also use this technology internally to help us improve our services and expand our capabilities. Inbenta currently utilizes Generative AI provided by OpenAI (GPT) and by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service for internal uses and to support our chatbots created for our website and help center. Additional information regarding OpenAI can be found on OpenAI’s Terms & Policies website and Microsoft’s website.

A few guiding principles about the use of Generative AI at Inbenta

While we think Generative AI can be a game changer for our customers, we also recognize the use of Generative AI carries significant risks in connection with data inputs and generated outputs. These risks include factually untrue outputs, algorithmic bias, privacy and security concerns and intellectual property risks.

At Inbenta, our goal is to deliver our solutions in a compliant centric manner to help mitigate any adverse consequences to our customers and our company. To accomplish this, we take these steps:

  • We have internal policies that our staff must adhere to in the use and development of Generative AI technologies, including initial and periodic review of uses by a designated committee.
  • When we use Generative AI internally, it’s simply a tool in our toolbox. Our experts remain involved and audit our use of this technology and take steps to verify the accuracy of generated content.
  • We believe customers should have the flexibility to integrate their Generative AI platform of choice. We know our customers may have existing arrangements to leverage and we respect their choice.
  • Within our products, we recommend customers use the appropriate disclosures to let their customers know content may have been generated with artificial intelligence.
  • Integrating Generative AI in our chatbot and knowledge services is not mandatory. If a customer chooses not to use Generative AI, our existing solutions are powered by market leading technology, including our conversational AI platform.

Important reminders with the use of Generative AI

We cannot guarantee that Generative AI provided content will be 100% accurate by the very nature of the technology. We strongly recommend that our customers review and verify the accuracy of content that is produced by Generative AI and review the applicable terms and conditions for any Generative AI tool they elect to integrate into their services.

Have questions for us?

If you have additional questions on Inbenta’s use of Generative AI, we’re here to answer them. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or sales representative. For information on Inbenta’s privacy practices, please review our privacy policy.