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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Inbenta is trusted by over 1,000 companies across industries around the globe to improve customer experience and lower costs using intelligent automation.
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Fortune 500 Pharma Company
82% self-service rate using Inbenta Chatbot
“With Inbenta, the integration was absolutely seamless. We did not lose time getting the chatbot into our system. We went live in just a few months. I’ve appreciated the ability to expand the chatbot into other languages and appreciate the idea of future expandability when we mature to that level…. With Inbenta’s auto-routing chatbot, this drop-off rate has gone down significantly. And now customers are getting questions answered faster.”
Senior Leader of Customer Service
“Adding in the Inbenta chatbot has been amazing, and then of course the AI aspect to it where it just develops and grows. It’s been significantly helpful for us. It frees up our agents now who can then focus on those more complicated questions. It definitely improves our service levels.”
Contact Center Analyst
90% of Inbenta Chatbot interactions are answered automatically
20% of sales driven by Inbenta automation
“Currently, the tool allows a complete analysis of users' questions to optimize future answers and thus anticipate frequently asked questions. We display the most relevant answers based on users' browsing behavior and recurring searches in the online help center.”
E-Commerce Operations & Customer Service Manager
"Today, approximately 35% of customers finalize their check-in process through WhatsApp, which is a very good result for us. Among those customers, 90% say that it's a very good or excellent service, and we're obviously very happy with that result."
Customer Service Manager at GOL
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90% of Inbenta Chatbot interactions are answered automatically
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98% self-service rate using Inbenta Chatbot
“The relationship with Inbenta has been great from the beginning, with full support throughout the training process, development, launch and subsequent support. There has been a strong focus on the technical side, but at no time has the business side been left aside.”
E-Commerce Manager
“We are really glad to have Inbenta on our side. Since we started working on this project, Inbenta understood that we wanted to go through a digital transformation, but in a human way. We wanted our WhatsApp chatbot to be a way to serve our customers better, whilst taking into account the fact that customer behaviors are always changing.”
Head of Digital Strategies and Services
4.3/5 customer satisfaction rating with Inbenta Chatbot
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