Supercharge your digital experience with AI.

Give your customers the service, accuracy and speed they expect across chatbot, search, messenger, knowledge and more.


Lower costs, improve service, simplify IT management. All with Inbenta's conversational AI platform.

Automate customer interactions in a way that feels personal

Engage customers automatically with AI-enabled chatbot and self-service tools that understand the true intent of user queries.

Reduce your reliance on agent intervention, saving you time and money

Free-up the time and effort required of live agents by resolving customer inquiries and tasks automatically, 24/7.

Improve customer experience at scale with self-service options

Satisfy changing customer preferences with chatbots, search and other self-service tools that are faster and more efficient than live agents.

Track, analyze, and optimize every aspect of the customer journey with Inbenta’s Conversational AI platform


Utilize a chatbot that can autonomously engage in complex customer conversations, answer questions and complete tasks.
chatbot module mockup with background


Incorporate a user-friendly search functionality that makes it easy for customers to find the right content.


Organize your company’s content, making it fast and simple to find, with a knowledge management tool.
messenger module mockup


Optimize customer engagement across multiple platforms with a centralized case management and ticketing system.

Horizn Product Digital Demos

Provide 24/7, instant self-serve customer support with step-by-step product tutorials.
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