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3 Reasons Conversational AI is a Must-Have for Businesses This Holiday

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The holidays are synonymous with a massive influx of orders and customer service interactions. To cope with this spike in activity, a number of solutions exist for businesses, including conversational AI — a valuable tool in boosting sales, supporting customer service and improving the overall customer experience.

Here are three ways conversational AI can give your business a boost this holiday season.

1. Boost Sales with Product Recommendation

One of the key benefits of conversational AI is its ability to give customers intelligent product recommendations, which can boost sales by up to 30%. AI-powered chatbots can analyze consumers’ past purchasing behavior to provide personalized suggestions. This help is particularly appreciated by customers who may have a lengthy shopping list to work through. For example, if a customer is looking for a gift for a wine lover, the chatbot can recommend popular wines based on the customer’s specific criteria. This not only boosts sales and increases conversion rates, but also builds customer loyalty through a personalized shopping experience.

2. Improve the Customer Experience with a Chatbot or Virtual Assistant

This time of year, customers are often under stress and in a hurry. Acording to a Forrester study, 73% of them consider time to be an essential resource and expect immediate assistance when they’re shopping online. AI-powered chatbots may be the answer. They offer instant, 24/7 assistance, significantly reducing customer wait times. For example, customers wondering what the product return policy is over the holidays, or whether delivery times are extended, will get a relevant answer instantly without having to go through customer service. It offers a quality customer experience, and helps improve customer loyalty.

3. Support frontline staff during peak periods

It’s not just customers who are under duress this time of year: For customer service staff, too, the festive season is a time of high volume and high stress. They are besieged by customer requests, yet must maintain the quality of their service. In this respect, conversational AI is the perfect tool for them. In fact, AI-powered virtual assistants can respond quickly and accurately to level 1 customer queries, or escalate customers directly to the relevant customer support team. It helps relieve the workload of human agents, who can instead concentrate on high priority or complex customer queries.

From increased conversion rates to improved customer service quality and support agent productivity, conversational AI is proving to be an essential solution for businesses to cope with the holiday season’s peak activity.

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