How can chatbots serve your omnichannel strategy?

The right bot for the right channel

Chatbot, callbot, voicebot, socialbot… The value brought by a bot to customer relations is no longer to be proved. However, it can be difficult to form an opinion on the multiple possibilities offered by these conversational intelligences.

This is why the Inbenta team has taken the time to create a guide summarizing the best practices and methodological keys resulting from 15 years of experience with major companies.

Which “bot” approach for your omnichannel strategy?

What are the key milestones and best practices?

What can you learn from case studies and users’ feedback?

You’ll find all these answers by downloading this 12-page PDF guide.


Chatbot and omnichannel strategy guide


“Chatbots placed on a website are a common thing by now, but the evolution of interactions coupled with technological innovations have resulted in the creation of bots on all communication channels: social networks, email, voice, phone…”


Download the guide: