Knowledge is power, unlock its potential

A Dynamic and Intelligent Knowledge Management System
to Centralize Your Expertise

Customers want immediate access to information and they don’t want to struggle to find it. Time on site plummets and bounce rates skyrocket when customers are unable to locate the products or information they want.

Your company’s content is a goldmine that can benefit both your customers and your support team, so don’t let it go to waste! Inbenta Knowledge enables you to quickly find, manage, or create your organization’s knowledge by organizing frequently asked questions, product details, and more, to make it accessible to both. Your customers can then benefit from this knowledge base to self-serve, whilst your agents can better support them through access to up-to-date, accurate information that is easy to find.

Equipped with our Symbolic AI meaning-based search engine, Inbenta knowledge management system is capable of interpreting human language in order to instantly answer user’s queries, resulting in a decline in incoming contacts and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Inbenta Knowledge Management System interaction
Inbenta Knowledge Management System ebook
Inbenta Knowledge Management System increases customer satisfaction
customer satisfaction
Inbenta Knowledge Management System self-service ratio
self-service ratio
Inbenta Knowledge Management System response rate
Up to 95% correct response rate

The right answer, automatically and instantly

Improve your user experience, reduce costs, and get to know your visitors better thanks to Inbenta Knowledge. By providing a solution to your users as they navigate through your product pages or your conversion funnel, Inbenta Knowledge acts as a deflection tool and drastically reduces the number of incoming support queries.

Robust monitoring and knowledge management system

You can monitor the performance of the Inbenta Knowledge module at any time in the back-office through a dashboard that provides a real-time view of all the key indicators for your Knowledge. You can then leverage usage reports and analytics to optimize your existing knowledge base by detecting potential gaps in your content and discovering areas of improvement.

Our powerful and easy-to-use Workspace makes content management simple. You can add, edit, and organize content in total autonomy using a tool that integrates with Inbenta’s AI-powered semantic search engine. Inbenta Knowledge also comes with a help site manager, SEO optimizer, and top 10 user questions per category to make your life as easy as possible.

Thanks to Inbenta knowledge management system, you can effortlessly create and customize your support pages using your own CSS styles, JavaScript code, fonts, and other assets to ensure your help site seamlessly blends in with the rest of your website.

Discover all the features natively available with the Inbenta Knowledge module

Inbenta Knowledge Management System availability
Available 24/7
Enables your users to find answers to their questions at any time of the day, any day of the week.
Inbenta Knowledge Management System performance monitoring
Real-time performance monitoring
Get a real-time view of all the key indicators for your knowledge thanks to our Workspace dashboards.
Inbenta knowledge and content management system
Streamlined content management tool
Add, edit, and organize content easily and in total autonomy.
Inbenta Knowledge Management System gap analysis
Integrated discovery & gap analysis
Detect potential gaps in your content and discover areas of improvement thanks to that useful functionality.
Inbenta Knowledge Management System integrations
Large catalog of third party integrations
Connects to third-party platforms via webhooks, APIs and SDK connectors.
Inbenta Knowledge Management System developer portal
Developer portal
View all product documentation and visualize Inbenta tools’ API resources to easily create user interfaces in a faster, more efficient way.
Inbenta Integrations Hub

NPL fueled by Symbolic AI

Inbenta Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is powered by Symbolic AI. Coupled with our Lexicon, this patented and proprietary technology enables the Inbenta Customer Interaction Platform to understand users’ intents in order to present them with the best answers possible.

Because we are committed to continuously improve our Lexicon in 30+ languages, you can rest assured that the Inbenta knowledge management system understands your customers in whatever language they prefer.

Inbenta Knowledge Management System powered by Symbolic AI

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