Facilitate access to your company’s knowledge and guide customers

Knowledge is power.

Unlock its potential with Inbenta Knowledge, a powerful Knowledge Management tool that allows you to create customer-facing help sites and internal documentation pages.

Cut the time your customers and employees spend looking around for information.

For customer and employee support leaders looking to deliver a powerful knowledge management tool that saves time for customers and employees looking for information, Inbenta’s powerful knowledge management guides customers to find the information they need, boosting their satisfaction and helping them reach their goals.

AI-powered knowledge management software

Answering queries has never been easier

Customers want immediate access to information and they don’t want to struggle to find it.
Time on site plummets and bounce rates skyrocket when customers are unable to locate the products or information they want. Start building your Knowledge Base or help site with Inbenta’s AI-Powered Knowledge, and centralize information in a single place. Push relevant content, identify FAQs, and suggest popular topics to your customers and employees.

Reduce frequent incoming support requests

Push FAQs and popular topics on your site.
Promote self-service among customers.
Suggest answers as the customer types.

Facilitate knowledge management & sharing

Make sure knowledge is easily accessible.
Centralize knowledge in a single platform.
Easily update and track information.

Track content performance and boost self-served support

Access content performance dashboards.
Analyze queries and detect content gaps.
Free your agents from low-value contacts.

Centralize Your Expertise with Inbenta’s Smart Knowledge Management System

Let your customers self-serve and unlock your agent’s potential by giving them access to a robust knowledge base, which will translate into tangible results for your organization.

  • Knowledge Management and AI

    Inbenta Knowledge is powered by a unique kind of AI that merges different pieces of technology:

    – our patented Neuro-Symbolic AI and NLP technology with
    Inbenta Lexicon, a proprietary database including thousands of lexical and semantic relationships.

    The goal? Showing customers and employees the right answer, regardless of the keywords they use.

    Knowledge is available in 35+ languages and supports multilingual help sites, allowing brands the ability to offer the same level of support to all their market regions.

  • Easy building & collaboration

    Inbenta’s powerful CMS allows you to create content in an easy and intuitive way. The Knowledge workspace offers:

    – A content manager to populate your Knowledge Base.
    – Helpful tools to organize your content into categories.
    – A help site creator that builds sites in seconds!
    – Easy features to highlight specific FAQs.
    – An editor supporting text, images, videos, and more.

    Want to give it a try? Get started with our 14-day free trial!

  • Monitor content performance & bring more traffic to your site

    Access Inbenta dashboards and get:

    – Real-time view of all the key indicators for your Knowledge.
    – Usage reports and analytics to optimize your existing contents
    – Query analysis to detect potential gaps in your content
    – A long-tail SEO module to optimize help site traffic
    – Top 10 user questions per category to make your life easy

    Effortlessly create and customize your support pages using your own CSS styles, JavaScript code, fonts, and other assets to ensure your help site seamlessly blends in with the rest of your website.

  • Give your customers the right answer, while they fill in a support contact form

    Some of your customers may go through your help site to find answers. Others may head directly to contact channels to reach out to you.

    Relieve your support teams by embedding Knowledge on your contact forms. Whenever a customer types a query on your contact form message field, Inbenta will analyze the content and return content suggestions from your Knowledge Base.

    Discover this unique deflection tool and drastically reduce the number of incoming support queries.

Hear it from our customers

Megan McCluskey

Senior Program Manager, CX marketing and communication

“Developing new and creative ways to make information more searchable for our customers and our workers was key to improving both our customer experience and internal operations.”

Mark Deaton

Chief Operating Officer

“Using Inbenta was the key to understanding and closing important knowledge gaps in our self-help content. In just a few months, we achieved an 89% self-service rate.”

Fernando Gouveia

Head of Business Development

“Since we implemented Inbenta Knowledge, we’ve seen an improvement in self-service. 90% of incoming users now find answers on our support page.”

What makes Inbenta Knowledge Base unique?

Equipped with our Symbolic AI meaning-based search engine, the Inbenta Knowledge Management System is capable of interpreting human language in order to instantly answer users’ queries, resulting in lower levels of incoming queries for live agents and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Real-time monitoring

Get a real-time view of all the key indicators for your knowledge thanks to our Workspace dashboards.

Streamlined CMS

Add, edit, and organize text, image, and video content easily and in total autonomy.

Discovery & gap analysis

Detect potential gaps in your content and discover areas of improvement.

Large catalog of integrations

Connect to third-party platforms via webhooks, APIs, and SDK connectors.

Developer portal

View all product documentation and Inbenta tools’ API resources to create UIs in a faster way.


See Knowledge In-Depth

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