A multichannel digital human-to-human interaction platform

Ticketing System & Live Chat for Customer Service,
Fueled by Robust and Intelligent AI

Although chatbots have become commonplace on many websites, they aren’t able to answer every user request. While they are able to answer 80 to 90% of web users’ questions, customers sometimes still need to interact with a human agent in order to solve complex issues or operations.

For all those contacts that need a human touch, Inbenta Messenger combines a live chat solution with a powerful multichannel case management and ticketing system. The live chat enables seamless escalation of a conversation from a chatbot to a live advisor. Its case management and ticketing functionality converts emails, social and online contacts into a manageable queue, with the ability to assign and monitor ticket progress among your customer service agents. This handy tool provides the right FAQs so your agents can answer with a single click, ensuring they consistently give the correct and most relevant response.

Inbenta Messenger offers a powerful way to efficiently resolve incoming inquiries by giving the tools to both your customers and agents in order to achieve the quickest and easiest resolution possible.

How can Chatbots serve
your omnichannel strategy?

Resolve cases in no time
with the Inbenta Messenger module

Enable your agents to manage tickets effortlessly and to solve every support case on time and with ease, building better customer service, while benefiting your organization at the same time.

Up to 50% call deflection

Harmonized answers

Increased customer satisfaction

A customer service ticketing system powered by AI

Providing prompt, accurate responses to customer queries is critical to maintain stellar customer satisfaction. No matter where it is asked – email, Twitter, Facebook – customers expect the right information to be delivered quickly.

Inbenta Messenger can analyze the content of a ticket and provide a series of possible and pre-approved answers from pre-approved FAQs enabling your agents to respond quickly and with the most appropriate information. Inbenta Messenger helps your agents solve queries quickly and efficiently, while reducing the time they spend on each case.

Users can also start a synchronous conversation over live chat, and continue it later over asynchronous email. They are able to submit questions via chat, even after hours with live chat is not attended. They will receive answers in their mailbox as soon as an agent is connected again.

Learn how to build a transactional
chatbot today

A powerful ticketing system

The email management and ticketing functionality of Inbenta Messenger instantly transforms messages from social networks, online forums, and consumer sites into an open ticket for your support team. Its predefined workflow capability automates email routing, monitors information, and easily fulfills Service-Level Agreements (SLA).

It can also make your agents’ lives easier by grouping tickets that require similar answers, automatically categorizing and assigning tickets to the right agent. The intuitive and easy-to-use back-office allows your agents to prioritize tickets, easily move and reassign them, as well as track every ticket from inquiry to resolution.

Discover all the features natively available
with the Inbenta Messenger module

Seamless escalation

Seamlessly connects the user to a live agent if the need is detected.

Conversation history

Automatically stores all the conversations held with a contact, whatever the channel used.

Smart answering

Analyzes the content of a ticket and provides a series of possible and pre-approved answers from pre-approved FAQs.

Pre-approved responses

Database of authorized answers with option to submit new ones for review and approval.

Email management

Converts emails into a manageable queue, with the ability to assign and monitor ticket progress among your customer service agents.

Social media ticketing

Automatically transforms messages from social networks, online forums, and consumer sites into an open ticket for your support team.

Real-time statistics dashboards

Get a real-time view of all the key indicators for your Messenger thanks to our Workspace dashboards.

Large catalog of third party integrations

Connects to third-party platforms via webhooks, APIs and SDK connectors.

Javascript SDK

Leverage the Inbenta developed Javascript SDK.

Integrates with all your favorite
Tools and platforms

Fueled by Symbolic AI and NLP

Whenever a customer speaks to your agents, they will be conversing in natural language. To maximize their efficiency, our Messenger module uses Inbenta’s Symbolic AI-fueled NLP technology, giving these the ability to understand the meaning behind a customer’s question, regardless of their slang, jargon, and spelling.

Discover how Inbenta
leverages symbolic AI
to automate customer

Explore the power of AI and NLP
for your customers and agents

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