An omnichannel ticketing and livechat solution powered by AI

Centralize all your support cases and add a direct live chat channel to your support stack.

With Inbenta Messenger, your agents will be able to store, as tickets, live chat sessions, social media direct messages, emails, and manage them directly from the platform in the fastest way possible.

  • Boost employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Empower your agents
  • Cut handling times and deliver omnichannel experiences
Inbenta omnichannel ticketing and live chat solution
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Making case management a breeze

With the number of customer communication channels growing by the minute, assuring all customers are cared for can be challenging. Agents may lose track of interactions as they need to jump from channel to channel, using different platforms. Inbenta Messenger helps to centralize your support channels in a single platform, that builds a single case queue with website, social media, discussion forums, live chat, and email contacts, allowing you to track the complete customer journey.

Improve service level on all channels

Push FAQs and popular topics on your site.
Promote self-service among customers.
Suggest answers as the customer is typing.

Provide direct, instant support through a live chat

Make sure knowledge is easily accessible.
Centralize knowledge in a single platform.
Easily update and track information.

Cut handling and answer times & empower agents

Access content performance dashboards.
Analyze queries and detect content gaps.
Free your agents from low-value contacts.

Centralize Support Channels with Omnichannel Ticketing

Discover AI-powered omnichannel ticketing and forget about trying to trace customer interactions in different channels. Support agents with real-time answer suggestions and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Follow a customers’ journey regardless of the channel they use

    Keeping track of support channels is becoming increasingly difficult.

    Discover omnichannel case management and ticketing that converts emails, social and online contacts into a manageable queue, with the ability to assign and monitor ticket progress among your customer service agents.

    Its predefined workflow capability automates email routing, monitors information, and easily fulfills Service-Level Agreements (SLA).

    It can also make your agents’ lives easier by grouping tickets that require similar answers, automatically categorizing and assigning tickets to the right agent.

  • Provide a comfortable, direct communication channel for your customers

    Although chatbots have become commonplace on many websites and they typically answer between 80 to 90% of web users’ questions, customers sometimes still need to interact with a human agent in order to solve complex issues or operations.

    For all those contacts that need a human touch, Inbenta Messenger offers a live chat solution. This can also be connected to a chatbot, so that the chatbot will seamlessly escalate cases to your live advisors.

    Users can also start a synchronous conversation over live chat and continue it later over asynchronous email. They can submit questions via chat, even after hours when live chat is not available. They will receive answers in their mailbox as soon as an agent is connected again.

  • Assist agents with the latest AI-powered real-time suggestions

    This handy tool based on Inbenta’s symbolic AI provides the right FAQs and answers from your knowledge base.

    This helps agents cut time spent looking for a formal answer and ensures consistency across the service you provide to your customers.

    Inbenta Messenger offers a powerful way to efficiently resolve incoming inquiries by giving the tools to both your customers and agents in order to achieve the quickest and easiest resolution possible.

  • Give agents a tool to answer requests in a heartbeat

    Inbenta Messenger gives you the ability to create answer templates for your agents to use. This helps your team answer customer requests faster and increase overall efficiency.

    The tool can also handle variables, allowing you to create email templates that are personalized on-the-go and can be used with a few clicks.

    Inbenta Messenger helps your agents solve queries quickly and efficiently, while reducing the time they spend on each case.

What makes Inbenta Messenger different?

Using our Symbolic AI meaning-based search engine, our omnichannel ticketing can quickly recommend content for agents to answer requests in no time, decreasing handling times and increasing operational efficiency.

Conversation history

Automatically stores all the conversations held with a contact, whatever the channel used.

Smart answering

Analyzes the content of a ticket and provides a series of possible and pre-approved answers from pre-approved FAQs.

Social media ticketing

Automatically transforms messages from social networks, online forums, and consumer sites into an open ticket for your support team.

Real-time data

Get a real-time view of all the key indicators for your Messenger, like answer times, agents available and more thanks to our Workspace dashboards.


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