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Inbenta Academy

Consult the experts on all things Inbenta. Hands-on, expert training to help you maximize your Inbenta product suite.

Discover Inbenta Academy Training Packages

Save time with setup, and get started maximizing your Inbenta products with the help of the Delivery & Client Services Team and expert trainers of the Inbenta Academy.

The Inbenta Academy is a training program that offers special training packages to help you and your teams:

    • Setup your Inbenta products
    • Create best practices (including tips on how to use the products for your specific goals)
    • Manage product performance with ease
    • Gain deeper knowledge of the Inbenta product suite

Save valuable time working with our expert trainers, so that you can start using your Inbenta products to accomplish your goals even sooner.

Inbenta Academy offers hands-on support, training and consulting packages for Inbenta customers to achieve their goals and maximize ROI.

Used by enterprise companies around the world, these training packages improve customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, increase revenue, and to stay in touch Inbenta trainers.


Inbenta Set Up Service Package

The Inbenta Academy Set Up Service is a support service and training package designed to make the process of initial setup of our products easy and successful. This program includes comprehensive advice from our Delivery & Client Services Team and expert trainers for each phase of the setup process. We recommend this package for customers who would like assistance setting up their Inbenta products for the first time.

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Linguistic Quality Assurance Package

For assistance with monitoring and improving the performance of your Inbenta products, we offer a Linguistic Quality Assurance Package. This support service package with optional training, that includes a detailed content gap analysis and knowledge base improvement evaluation with our Delivery & Client Services Team. Our most successful customers subscribe to this performance improvement service monthly.

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In-depth Inbenta Academy Package

As a continuation of Inbenta Set Up Service training, the In-depth Inbenta Academy training package is designed to help teach you and your teams how to use Inbenta products to perform daily tasks. This training package, led by the Delivery & Client Services Team and expert trainers, includes advanced and beginner-level product training, with suggested best practices for maximizing product features, in an array of courses and workshops to get the most out of your Inbenta product suite.