Ebooks & White papers

Forrester Report: The Total Economic Impact of Inbenta

Inbenta technology delivers 390% ROI to their enterprise customers.

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Ebook: The Future of Self-service by Aberdeen Group

The future of self-service: A closer look at virtual agents & cognitive technologies.

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Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots for Business

A crash course on everything chatbots, straight from the experts.

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White Paper: 7 Steps to Self-service Success

The guide to delivering a positive website experience.

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Report: Inbenta Technology by 451 Research

Inbenta's technology improves the chatbot & web experience.

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White Paper: 5 Keys to Customer Self-service Success Using NLP

Five key approaches to a successful self-service strategy.

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White Paper: 5 Ways to Improve On-site Conversion

The top 5 changes businesses can make to ensure that customers are finding (and purchasing) what they search for.

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White Paper: NLP - How It Works

Learn about natural language processing (NLP): the core of Inbenta's technology.

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Inbenta Product Overview

Using natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Inbenta solutions can transform how your business uses search, knowledge management, ticketing and chatbots for customer service success.

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What is natural language?

Inbenta CEO Jordi Torras explains the differences between natural and formal language and how computers can be enabled to understand the way humans naturally talk.

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How machine learning & NLP deliver results

An explanation of how machine learning and natural language processing work together in the Inbenta solution to deliver results starting from day one.

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The human future of AI

Inbenta CEO Jordi Torras talks about how AI will improve the way people live and allow them to concentrate on what makes us truly human: passion and creativity.

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Why is AI back in the spotlight?

Inbenta CEO Jordi Torras at Global AI Conference Jan 2017.

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Inbenta Overview

Who doesn't want happier customers? Inbenta is the scalable solution that actually understands what your customers want.

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Strategic Partnership

CEO of Inbenta Jordi Torras talks about the importance of strategic partnerships and how they have helped the company grow and expand into new markets like Japan.

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The development of the Inbenta solution and patents

Inbenta CEO Jordi Torras talks about how the solution was developed into the market-leading SaaS product it is today.

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The Inbenta lexicon

Inbenta CEO Jordi Torras talks about how our lexicon works with a customer's information to deliver intelligence, exceptional customer support and self-service.

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451 Research: Conversational technologies - the catalyst for customer service experience

Industry leaders discuss how smart chatbots are improving the ways businesses converse with customers and nurture relationships across the customer journey.

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CRM xChange Roundtable: IVR and self-service 2017

How chatbots and IVR can improve your digital customer experience.

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Aberdeen Group: The path to effortless customer experience - how to win with artificial intelligence

To provide superior customer service, more and more companies are turning to next-gen self-service technologies, powered by natural language processing and machine learning.

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Inbenta: Chatbot webinar

How chatbots can help drive business success.

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BrightTALK: Enterprise bot webinar

Why your business needs an enterprise-class chatbot.

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