Cut down on repetitive HR tasks and improve the employee experience

HR is all about talking, connecting, and understanding needs and skills. Inbenta’s Conversational AI capabilities can help respond to employee FAQs while automating emails and processes to save time and HR resources.

Board the train of Conversational AI and:

  • Automate PTO requests
  • Answer frequent employee questions
  • Onboard new employees with ease
  • Speed up recruiting flows
  • Better understand your employees’ needs
  • Automate recurrent flows

Transform the employee experience


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Multiply the forces of your HR staff

  • Find the needle in the CV stack and simplify recruiting with automation

    Tired of handling hundreds of applications, scheduling interviews, sending the same emails…?

    Are your recruiting teams overflooded with work? Do they struggle to keep up with every applicant?

    Speed up the hiring process by letting candidates search and apply for jobs through a chatbot. Gather information, set up meetings and more.

    • Searchable FAQs to solve candidate questions 24/7
    • Application chatbot that lets candidates upload their CV and gathers data in a conversational way.
    • Mailbot to send automatic emails with job updates.
  • Keep employees and new hires happy by assisting them when they need you

    Changing jobs is stressful. New hires aren’t sure whether or not they made the right decision in joining your team.

    Show them they’ve made the right choice by helping them get started on the right foot from day 1, introducing them to your culture and values.

    • Chatbot solution to automate e-signatures, and create automated onboarding processes and tasks.
    • Employee FAQ that gives answers to relevant questions new hires usually have, and shows them internal procedures they need to know.
    • A search engine that centralizes search among different employee sources into a single search box.
  • Assist your employees 24/7 and give them the answers they need in no time

    Can your HR team handle all PTO requests and questions about company policies? Do they know how the team is feeling, and how to support them better?

    Anticipate their needs and understand the overall mood and feeling of fulfillment of your employees.

    • Use an anonymous chatbot and surveys to ask employees how they’re feeling and avoid turnover.
    • Provide smart FAQ to answer common questions.

Your HR support project, running in no time!

Many automation projects take a long time to set up.
With Inbenta, you can have your project running in a heartbeat, thanks to our 0 training platform and amazing teams of specialists at your service.

  • Support employees in all languages
    Our NLP speaks your employee’s language

    Some companies will translate your content using machine translation. We don’t need to. Our proprietary lexicon is available in 35+ languages and our AI understand queries in all of them, no training or translation needed.

  • Connect to your HR apps
    We integrate with all the apps you love!

    Head to our AppHub and discover the countless integrations available to you.

  • A team at your service
    Our experts to help you improve HR workflows

    Automating HR is a challenging yet rewarding task. If your IT and tech teams are too busy to collaborate on the project, no worries! Our team can do it!

  • Ready-to-use HR template
    Made for your HR teams, ready to be used!

    We’ve curated a large number of questions and answers that you can easily adapt to your needs, like ‘Where can I get help about my payslip?’ or ‘How many days can I take off if my child is sick?


HR Service Automation

Your company’s culture evolves with new hires and policies. Help your HR team keep up with changes and new employee expectations using automation.

In this ebook, we’ll see:

  • Real-life examples of companies automating HR tasks
  • Tips to improve HR flows and relieve your teams
  • Technologies that can support you and make your life easier