Discover 24/7 Conversational Support with Inbenta Chatbot

Easily communicate with customers and provide instant answers seamlessly across your channels. Discover a different way to interact and offer automated, personalized support.

Connect and interact like never before

Easily build your AI chatbot to serve your needs.
Embed it in your website or app or connect it to communication channels like Whatsapp, Slack, or Messenger to power truly automated, engaging experiences across all channels.

Support customers and employees around the clock

Offer 24/7 instant support to customers
Cut support and handling costs
Build a first layer of automated support.

Supercharge sales and get more leads

Help lead generation teams achieve results
Attract new customers, boost sales, and upsell. Help teams gather valuable customer data.

Automate countless transactions & requests

Facilitate regular transactional inquiries
Automate repetitive tasks
Free your agents to focus on complex requests

This isn’t your regular chatbot

Discover next-generation Conversational AI and
power human-like automated interactions with your customers

  • Symbolic AI & a Unique Lexicon:
    Understanding Intent in Over 35 Languages

    Inbenta has a very unique kind of AI at its core. It combines:

    – our patented Symbolic AI and NLP technology with

    Inbenta Lexicon, a proprietary database including thousands of lexical and semantic relationships.

    This unique tech combination helps our chatbots detect intent and context to answer users’ questions with precision. Also, it helps companies have control over the chatbot interactions and not the other way around.

    Our technology is available in 35+ languages which helps our AI chatbots understand customers in their preferred language.

  • Much more than *just* information

    Using an informational chatbot as a means of communicating with your customers is already a great step.

    However, customers expect more and more. They want to move forward with their requests, even when they are transactional.

    Inbenta is able to connect via webhooks and integrations with a long catalog of third-party platforms and pieces of software, helping you automate transactions, cut costs, and improve client satisfaction.

    Answer your customer needs 24/7 with Inbenta’s integrations.

  • Easily build your chatbot

    Discover Inbenta’s intuitive Workspace, offering:

    – a user-friendly screen to populate your chatbot with content

    – dashboards to monitor your chatbot performance

    – a visual dialog manager to customize conversation paths

    – testing tools to emulate the chatbot behavior

    – linguistic tools to fine-tune conversations

    Give it a try with our 14-day free trial!

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Hear it from our customers

Ana Herrero

Ecommerce Operations & Customer Service Manager

“The tool allows gives us a complete analysis of users’ questions and helps us optimize future answers and anticipate frequently asked questions.”

Toby Kelly

Digital Content Manager

“Inbenta helped us relieve our contact centers by managing repeated frequent requests on its own in our digital customer support areas.”

David Harrison

Contact Center Analyst

“Inbenta Chatbot frees up our agents, who can now focus on those more complex requests. It definitely improves our service levels.”

Everything your chatbot needs to deliver a unique customer experience

Support your customers and agents alike with an AI chatbot that understands context. Customers feel heard and understood, while agents can focus on solving complex issues.

Context awareness

Understands the queries’ context thanks to our exhaustive Lexicon and semantic search engine.

Multiple sources

Connected to a variety of content sources to maximize the answer rate.

Transactional intelligence

Connects with your platforms to trigger transactions automatically.

Seamless escalation

Seamlessly connects the user to a live agent if the need is detected.

Easy integration

A few lines of JS code to integrate our chatbox into your website or ecommerce.


Inbenta Chatbot In-Depth

Download our Chatbot data sheet and discover advanced features, integrations, and all the technicalities of the module in-depth.

All you need to know about the module is here!