HR Service Automation

Driving satisfaction within your organization

When you take care of your employees
other things will take care of themselves

Make them happy with better and faster answers to:

  • PTO requests
  • IT support
  • Benefits information
  • Company policies
  • Performance feedback

Lower stress on overworked HR staff

Automate processes so that HR can focus on the tricky issues.

  • 24/7 self-service
  • Faster resolution times
  • Smart filtering for recruiting

Support your workers

Inform teams of changes and keep everyone easily updated.

  • Smooth onboarding
  • Strengthen communication
  • Ensure IT security

Increase productivity and cut turnover

Stop burnout caused by repetitive and time consuming tasks.

  • Implement with no code SDK
  • Boost employee input
  • Engage remote teams

How prepared were you for Covid-19?

Don’t answer that. We were all caught unawares.

In fact, you’re in great company. Not even CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, was prepared. 

Along with the panic at the rapid spread of coronavirus came an explosive increase in HR inquiries. 

The constant barrage of questions ranged from daily operations, health coverage, remote working, on-site access and travel options. Unable to handle the assault of incoming questions, CERN needed a solution. And they needed it STAT.

A quick and careful evaluation of available solutions led them to Inbenta and Ilem — our local Swiss partner. 

In just 48 hours — yes, in just 2 days! — Quark, the new Inbenta bot for CERN, was ready. And after only 5 days of crawling CERN’s knowledge base, Quark went live.

Quark was up and running, handling responses at a rate of 93% in both French and English. Those few complex inquiries that required a human response were smoothly transferred to the CERN helpline.

“We needed a solution to help improve the efficiency with which we serve our customers, improve the agent productivity and morale by not focusing on routine support issues, and reduce our increasing support operations costs. We have been able to address all three of these main objectives from our investment in Inbenta.”

Manager, customer service and engineering communications

More businesses doing a happy dance

Stay safe, healthy and informed

Because bots really do know everything

End fatigue resulting from tedious back and forth emails, long Slack threads, and constant new pings. Have everyone on your staff updated, in real-time,  about schedule changes, meetings, new policies, or team events with automated processes. Let employees have an easy to access channel to check their benefits, request personal days, and join company volunteer opportunities without wasting resources. Stop dealing with questions about lost passwords, charging expenses, and software upgrades. Keep them all in the loop and have time to focus on solving complex issues.

Find the needle in the CV stack

Narrowing the choices does half your job

Filter job applicants so that you only set up interviews with relevant prospects. Inbenta’s bot will scan through applications and collect information to vet the candidates. It then responds by setting up an interview or rejecting the applicant. Quick response time and intelligent AI processing allow for shorter applications — saving time and energy for all. Gathering more information, the chatbots learn to detect the better answers, and then rank competing applicant’s answers. Get higher quality applicants in your recruiting funnel. 

BONUS! Automate the onboarding process too.

Information central, how can I help you?

GDPR, taxes, passwords – ask me anything…

How much hand-holding do your managers and HR support staff do? Walk employees through processes, provide links to relevant documents, or tackle common HR requests. AskHR integrates with your intranet, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Alexa, and other popular platforms. Issues that require a human get passed to a live agent along with conversation history for a quick and seamless resolution. Provide the missing correct response and AskHR will remember it for future instances. Strategize for improvement with clear usage analytics. 

It’s a new normal

Company culture takes center stage

Pandemic or not, remote teams are here to stay. Connecting colleagues to each other and your organization will help teams continue to work together seamlessly. Frequent contact encourages positive feeling, higher performance and output. No, you do not need to hire more managers to effectively coordinate your WFH staff. Use automated short satisfaction surveys or ratings into different interaction points or conversations. With conversational AI, you can reach out proactively to employees, eliciting feedback on performance and policies yet still maintaining a human touch. While you update your company team mascot, think about this: Recognizing employees promotes engagement by 84%! 

89% of HR leaders surveyed agree ongoing peer feedback and check-ins have a positive impact on their organizations.

Source: SHRM

Inbenta makes it easy to be part of the good stats


Coding or training


languages supported


Accurate response rate

Optimize your HR resources
while providing faster, better support.

Boost employee satisfaction rates
regardless of year end bonuses.

Save time on recruiting, onboarding and scheduling tasks
with the little bot that works.

I want to try this today.

I want to try it ASAP!

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