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Customers come to your site in search of products and answers. With Inbenta Ecommerce Search, they won’t be disappointed.

How intelligent is your search engine? Inbenta Ecommerce Search understands natural language and delivers faster, more accurate results. Your customers should be able to search for exactly what they want and find it in your product catalog. This leads to a lower cart abandonment rate and a higher conversion rate.

“Ticketmaster resolves over 98% of customer’s incoming support emails using Inbenta.”


Multilingual and highly scalable, our platform incorporates the latest in NLP technology (natural language processing), which can be customized to your company’s needs and products. A specialized lexicon of words and phrases specific to your business is incorporated into the Inbenta lexicon. The result is a search engine that’s powerful and intelligent beyond anything you or your customers have experienced.

“Inbenta Ecommerce search customers have seen an increase of up to 40% in conversions on their site.”

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Key features:

  • Understands jargon, misspellings and slang with a lexicon tailored to your business
  • Understands and converts weights, measurements and sizes
  • Instant answers are shown as you type
  • Understands long tail searches (50% of searches exceed four words)
  • Available in over 25 different native languages


See how it works

Here is an example

Inbenta’s Ecommerce Search indexes your product catalog via XML.
Periodic passive or applies API-based active indexing to keep it up to date.
Customers search for what they want, e.g. “A red bag for my wife under $200”.
The information is passed through the system and all red women’s bags for under
$200 are shown.

Long tail SEO uses customer input to generate optimized landing pages that are easily crawled. When a different customer makes a similar search, they will be taken to the optimized landing page where they can buy what they are looking for. If the way people search for a product changes, the page will update accordingly so that customers can always find what they want.


With a full, easy to use dashboard you can see search-to-cart conversion rates. Easily view category and product rankings alongside long tail search analysis, allowing for deep insight into your customer’s behavior and better targeting in the future.

The customer is always right.

Make sure the same is true
of their search results.

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