Conversational AI understands humans.
Inbenta AI also gets what they’re not saying.

Give customers and employees stress-free experiences using no-code intelligent automation.

Preferred by leading international businesses

Unlock the secret to
efficient customer care

with automation that talks Human

Reduce 80% of service and support inquiries. Automate interactions with ready-to-access solutions in just 72 hours.

Grow search-to-cart revenue. Stop cart abandonment with better, quicker search answers.

10x ROI with 85% increased engagement rates. Increase NPS scores with improved support and resolution rates.

“Our customers can now get the information they want in real time based on what they actually mean, not by what they type”

Megan McCluskey, Schlage

Automation that talks the talk and …
learns on its own

Conversational AI bots using Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the most advanced. Add Inbenta’s proprietary Lexicon (hundreds of thousands of semantic relationships) and you’re on your way to happy customers, and teams.

Inbenta’s bot sees past typos and misspellings, analyzes questions to understand the context, and gets at the meaning behind the words – no matter the slang or jargon. And besides for talking human instead of bot – it speaks 35 languages like a native!

Always learning on the job — it’s increasing intelligence with every interaction.

Optimize Customer Experience.
Modernize Operational Efficiency.

Manage all front-line customer support and back-office interactions in an easy-to-use interface with zero coding required.

  • Communicate across all channels. Plus Voice!
  • Seamlessly integrate with dozens of apps & SDKs
  • Edit content
  • Track performance & KPIs
  • Perform gap analysis

1 Platform. 4 Modules.
Chatbot. Search. Knowledge. Messenger.

All the benefits of explainable AI.

It’s the age of self service.

  • Resolve customer service queries
  • Answer complicated questions
  • Find items filtered by multiple attributes
  • Offer solutions to open support tickets
  • Supply relevant FAQ to your agents

INBENTA platform rates 95% accuracy!

“We use Zendesk for our knowledge base and Get Satisfaction for our community forum. Our clients were struggling with finding our resources because they had to search two separate sites.

INBENTA solved our issue by taking both resources and displaying the search results together. Within the first week of implementing federated search the number of users and visits to our community forum increased by more than 100%. After one month we saw YOY visit growth to our community of over 500%.”

Stacy Potts, MindBody

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Why Inbenta ?

The numbers have a compelling argument…

  • 0 hours of training
  • 8 global teams at your side
  • 15 years of R&D
  • 35 supported languages
  • 258 happy Inbenta customers
  • 1M+ queries answered every day

“Adding in that Inbenta chat has been amazing! And of course the AI aspect to it where it just develops and grows. It’s been significantly helpful for us. It frees up our agents who can then focus on those more complicated questions, sales calls… It definitely improves our service levels.

David Harrison, Alterra Mountain Company

“Since going live with Inbenta we have reduced our incoming support emails to almost a third of what it was.”

Toby Kelly, Trane

“Using Inbenta was the key to understanding and closing important knowledge gaps in our self-help content. In just a few months, we achieved an 89% self-service rate. The implementation was a breeze (just a single line of javascript), the Inbenta team is terrific, and our customers are finding what they need at a rate 40% higher than before. Success!”

Mark Deaton, Vyond

“We are already seeing a 7x ROI in various languages.”

Zo Silver,

“90% of incoming users now find answers in our support page.”

Fernando Gouveia, Xapo

Say goodbye to 1 star reviews. Hello rising CSAT.
Wave farewell to rising support staff costs. Welcome automation of tier 1 requests.
Call hasta la vista to support backlog. Hola productive agents.

Make the intelligent choice for
business automation

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