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Customers want a search engine to bring to them results that will match what they want, not what they typed. Too often, search engines provide results to items that are typed. Inbenta provides search results based on the overall meaning of the query and provides the best results.

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  • Monday 10th October 2016

    Inbenta Weekly Digest--October 10, 2016

    Noted journalist and TV personality Charlie Rose interviewed a human-like robot on 60 Minutes this week. While the interview went about as well as could be expected--Rose asked if “Sophia” had been programmed; his question was answered with silence--it did pique our interest and excitement about Artificial Intelligence in the mainstream media.

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  • Friday 7th October 2016

    Inbenta Weekly Digest--October 7, 2016

    Another week in the books as the calendar officially flips to October. Aside from the normal Monday-Friday, this week also marks the annual Dreamforce conference, at which Inbenta joined more than 100,000 professionals from every corner of the tech world to share ideas, stories, inspiration, and connections. While you were head-down in work (or exhaustively pacing the expo floor at Dreamforce), we kept an eye on what’s going on with e-commerce search and sales.

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  • Thursday 6th October 2016

    Reach a wider audience with multilingual chatbots

    Chatbots have been dominating the press of late. Though they’d gotten a fair amount of coverage in the past, Facebook’s launch of a bot development platform for Messenger kicked the chatbot fervor into high gear.

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