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  • Monday 31st March 2014

    The Evolution of Content Delivery is Changing the Way People, and Customer Support Work Together

    We are getting smarter as a species by how much and how fast we consume content. Historically we have seen a continuous evolution of how we learn, how much we know, and how many of us know it. There is a natural hierarchy, from beginners who are still learning to read, to researchers and searchers of the web. – This hierarchy is directly impacting the level of world literacy because of the advancements in mode of information transportation and amount of content consumed. We can track this evidence historically through the types of technology offered.

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  • Thursday 27th March 2014

    Naturally Speaking: Are all these 'rights' the same 'right'?

    Take a look at all of these potential questions and see if you notice anything interesting:
    •     What is the right system for my home?
    •     How to determine if I have right or left hand locks
    •     Will I keep the rights to data in my Knowledge Base?
    •     Can you ship my order right away?
    •     Is the website down right now?
    •     What is the number right next to the time a message was sent?

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  • Friday 7th March 2014

    And the winner goes to….

    We’ve been working pretty hard with the new expansion of our company this past winter. The team has been burning the midnight oil in order to expand our Self Service, Knowledge Base and Ticketing system tools. For us, it's about ensuring that we continue to drive answers to the masses, keep our clients informed of the conversations about them in their community, and offer artificial intelligence interaction to increase customer service.

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