Quality Management Policy



Our vision is to become global leaders in Software as a Service (SaaS) based on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

To achieve our vision, we are committed to develop excellent solutions that are easy to deploy, easy to integrate, are available in different languages, and are compliant with international standards on information security and privacy.

By subscribing to our services, ​businesses will provide their customers with the right information at the right time, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.


Our Quality Principles

We base our day-to-day business activities following internationally accepted quality management standard IS0-9001 . Our quality system scope is “Design, development and commercialization of software for ICT”. ISO-9001 establishes the following Quality Principles :


1. Customer Focus

Our business is to provide customers with SaaS solutions, therefore ​their satisfaction and requests are at the top of our priorities since we understand it is ​the only way for our business to succeed.

We believe every interaction with our customers can be an opportunity to build trust; therefore, we provide our clients with all the support they need to implement our SaaS products and solutions: training​, ​consulting and professional services, our ​support ​center, 24/7 ​assistance​, customer satisfaction ​assessment ​and even regulatory ​compliance​ assistance.

By directly channel our customers to specific speakers and areas, we deliver our products and solutions in a more effective and efficient way.


2. Leadership

We believe leadership is the ​key to governance.​ We understand leadership not only vertically but also horizontally when ​representing our corporate values and functioning as a role model for all members of our organization.

Our managers and team leaders not only are responsible for assessing and quantifying our employees’ performance but, most importantly, they are ​individuals who care about other individuals​, providing emotional support to better achieve our employee’s professional development and our company’s vision.

All of our managers have an ​active participation in deciding strategic business decisions and constantly discuss all issues with our Chief Officers.


3. Engagement of people

We understand our human resources are the base of our intellectual capital. Our business is not developed by brilliant ideas and network connections of one leader but the sum of our employees’ human and relational capital.

We promote our employees’ ​professional development ​and ​human and intellectual ​capital ​through different processes and activities, among others, ​active participation in research and innovation projects; active participation in defining our business strategies; continuous professional ​training​; internal vertical and horizontal ​professional promotion​; birectional assessment ​between the employees and their supervisors; and an ​exchange program to benefit from an international perspective both on corporate and business workstyles and ​networking​.

We believe by promoting these processes and activities our employees improve their empowerment and engagement with our company, and therefore, with our clients.


4. Process approach

We work under the premise of international accepted management method PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act/Adjust) to coordinate the different processes and procedures implemented by our different areas. In this process, we include ​risk analysis identification, assessment and treatment.

Our software development and business operations are run through ​Agile method ​that best suits the structural characteristics of our organization and our software development. Change management is based on ​ITIL​.


5. Improvement

To maintain our business’ ​competitiveness level we are compelled to constantly improve our business processes and procedures to offer better products and solutions to our clients and their customers. We also consider ​essential ​to ​get audited by external competent agencies to certify our standards.

In this regard, we have established a policy of a minimum of a ​monthly product improvement and correction ​release​.

Moreover, we offer our clients with ​customized consulting and support services to directly channel their inputs to our improvement process.


6. Evidence-based decision making

To offer competitive, excellent software we dedicate our efforts to research on best methods and practices. As in any other type of research process, ​evidence is a key issue to understand ​what works and what doesn’t work. Through the collection of qualitative and quantitative evidence we analyse data to assess our processes and improve our ​decision making​.


7. Relationship engagement

We are a transparent ​Business-to-Business company. We apply the same ​quality standards when relating with both customers and third parties involved in our line of work (such as partners, resellers and suppliers). We believe ​this way all parties benefit from intellectual capital, networking and satisfy their stakeholders.

Last updated: February 2021
Approved by CEO