Artificial Intelligence

Technology that lives

The closest thing to human conversation

Over time, and with many trials and errors, businesses have created complex technology that’s beginning to think like humans — problem-solving technology that can find truth from the meaning of words. It’s the first wave of a future where machines will be able to use artificial intelligence to interact with us.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is both a science and art form

Artificial intelligence is the key to machines understanding human languages. For Inbenta, AI is the foundation on which our self-service and customer service and support products are designed and integrated for businesses worldwide. It’s what’s made us a leader in the industry, with solutions that have the fastest time to market and over a 90% self-service rate.

The answers are in your content

Inbenta AI works because we take your content and organize it in our knowledge base. It’s basically an electronic brain that’s able to efficiently organize your content to answer all the potential questions a human being might ask — in this case, your customers, employees, vendors, etc. What it amounts to is having living answers inside your site, waiting for someone to ask a question.

Understanding the meaning behind the words

To quickly access the answers to a user question, you need a contextual trigger to connect the dots, the same way people need a point of reference to create exchange between one another. For Inbenta it’s a specialized intelligent search engine that searches based on the contextual meaning of a user question, instead of keywords. A software that fully understands human language and conversation exactly as it’s written or spoken.

A dedication to better search, service and support

We believe that one day, customer support departments will be run entirely by knowledge managers, computational linguists, human-machine interface specialists and AI. The actual job of call center agent will no longer exist. So we build search, service and support technologies to make a positive impact for our customers, their customers and beyond. Through the power of artificial intelligence.

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