Search that understands meaning

Deliver more accurate results through Inbenta Semantic Search Engine’s ability to understand the meaning of customer queries

While the search engine is the most widespread self-service tool on web pages with 85% of sites having one, the ability to serve up the most relevant information could be the difference between a good or poor onsite customer experience.

Inbenta Search pulls data from across your customer relationship tools – such as and Zendesk – as well as other designated websites. The Inbenta Symbolic AI and Natural Language Processing technology enable the semantic Inbenta Search to understand customers’ questions, quickly deliver the most relevant answers, and reduce on your support costs.

Using Inbenta Symbolic AI technology also means that there is no need for lengthy data training, which allows you to quickly and easily deploy and benefit from the Inbenta Search engine tool.

How can Chatbots serve
your omnichannel strategy?

Extract information and generate relevant results
with the Inbenta Semantic Search module

Enable your users and agents to find the content they need quickly and reliably, and let both your customers and your organization benefit from this powerful tool.

30 to 50%
resolution rate

10:1 self-service

Up to 95% correct
response rate

Let Semantic Search enhance your web visitors’ journey

Eliminate your visitors’ need to search through multiple webpages to find what they are seeking.

Inbenta Search offers a powerful federated search feature, which allows the engine to search across multiple sources of content and return accurate answers to highly detailed customer queries. The result is faster, more accurate search results. And, more satisfied visitors.

Inbenta Search seamlessly integrates into e-commerce websites, enabling customers to instantly find the products they’re seeking, filtering the results by product attributes such as size, weight, color, price, and more.

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A flexible, plug and play Semantic Search tool

Inbenta Search module is a plug and play tool that easily adapts to your existing environment. There is no need to migrate content to a new knowledge base or implement new workflows. Inbenta Search simply indexes and crawls content that already exists within your system and adds it to your semantic search engine.

Inbenta Search also allows you to customize the look and feel of your search experience to adapt to the needs and expectations of your customers.

Discover all the features natively available
with the Inbenta Search module

Semantic search

Search engine that uses Inbenta Symbolic AI and NLP technology to understand the intent behind users’ queries.

Federated & faceted search

Provides accurate answers through searching across multiple sources of content.

Adaptable for e-commerce websites

Searches through a list of products and filters results by product attributes.

Fetching rules

Indexes and crawls site page content to add to your semantic search engine.

Flexible UI

Customize the look and feel of your search experience to stick to your users’ expectations.

Large catalog of third party integrations

Connects to third-party platforms via webhooks, APIs and SDK connectors.

Developer portal

Access all product documentation and visualize Inbenta tools’ API resources to easily create user interfaces in a faster, more efficient way.

Simplified performance monitoring

Intuitive and exhaustive dashboards monitor key performance indicators.

Help center

Gives you access to all the information about the Inbenta modules.

Integrates with all your favorite
tools and platforms

Always provide relevant answers powered by Inbenta Symbolic AI

Inbenta Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is fueled by Symbolic AI, enabling the Inbenta Search to understand the intent behing users’ questions and to always return accurate answers in 30+ languages.

Our team of computational linguists is constantly improving our Lexicon, ensuring that Inbenta Search engine stays on top of its game.

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