Deliver better search results with Inbenta’s AI-based semantic search engine

Discover a type of search that understands the true meaning of queries. Improve conversions on your site, help customers and employees find relevant answers faster, and better understand customers’ behavior.

Understand the meaning of search queries

Discover the best AI search, and start better understanding your customer needs.

Reduce time spent searching

Customers and employees spend really a long time looking for the right product or piece of information. Enable semantic search and cut costs stemming from difficult-to-find information.

Boost conversions

Give the right result, at the right moment. Don’t lose any more conversions on your site. Get ready for lightning-fast, extremely accurate results that will delight customers and drive more sales.

Understand user intent

Get to know your customers and employees better. Discover what are their needs, their common queries, and make strategic changes to generate more revenue or boost employee efficiency.

A unique Enterprise Search to make your business grow

  • Let semantic search enhance your web visitors’ journey

    Inbenta Search pulls data from across your customer relationship tools – such as and Zendesk – as well as other designated websites. The Inbenta Symbolic AI and Natural Language Processing technology enable the semantic Inbenta Search to understand customers’ questions, quickly deliver the most relevant answers, and reduce on your support costs.

    Using Inbenta Symbolic AI technology also means that there is no need for lengthy data training, which allows you to quickly and easily deploy and benefit from the Inbenta Search engine tool.

  • All contents from a single search box: discover federated search

    Eliminate your visitors’ need to search through multiple web pages to find what they are seeking.

    Inbenta Search offers a powerful federated search feature, which allows the engine to search across multiple sources of content and return accurate answers to highly detailed customer queries. The result is faster, more accurate search results. And, more satisfied visitors.

    Inbenta Search seamlessly integrates into e-commerce websites, enabling customers to instantly find the products they’re seeking, filtering the results by product attributes such as size, weight, color, price, and more.

  • Plug your contents to be searched by Inbenta Search in a few clicks!

    Inbenta Search module is a plug-and-play tool that easily adapts to your existing environment. There is no need to migrate content to a new knowledge base or implement new workflows.

    Inbenta Search simply indexes and crawls content that already exists within your system in many different formats (JSON files, databases, or simply using our website crawler) and adds it to your semantic search engine.

    Inbenta Search also allows you to customize the look and feel of your search experience to adapt to the needs and expectations of your customers.

  • Anticipate user needs and avoid repeated queries

    Use autocomplete suggestions to speed up the search for your customers and employees.

    Show search suggestions with common topics, understand queries despite spelling mistakes or jargon.

    Enjoy automatic disambiguation for words with multiple meanings, and guide users easily to quick answers with Inbenta Search

“Our clients were struggling with finding our resources because they had to search two separate sites.

Inbenta solved our issue by taking both resources and displaying the search results together. Within the first week of implementing federated search, the number of users and visits to our community forum increased by more than 100%. After one month we saw YOY visit growth to our community of over 500%.”

Stacy Potts, MindBody

All the features your search experience needs

Adaptable for e-commerce websites

Searches through a list of products and filters results by product attributes.

Flexible UI

Customize the look and feel of your search experience to stick to your users’ expectations.

Large catalog of third party integrations

Connects to third-party platforms via webhooks, APIs and SDK connectors.

Developer portal

Access all product documentation and visualize Inbenta tools’ API resources to easily create user interfaces in a faster, more efficient way.

Simplified performance monitoring

Intuitive and exhaustive dashboards monitor key performance indicators.

Help center

Gives you access to all the information about the Inbenta modules.


Inbenta Search In-Depth

Search revolution on your websites and internal digital resources starts with Inbenta Search.

Download our product datasheet and discover how to easily plug Inbenta Search into your content sources and centralize search in a single search bar.

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