A successful search experience is a memorable one

Simplify the daily life of your customers, agents, and employees. Give them the answers they are looking for in a heartbeat and anticipate their needs with Search, Inbenta’s NLP search engine.

Increase findability of products, pages, and knowledge

Implement the latest NLP-based search to make it easier for customers, visitors, and employees
to find anything they need across all your sites and resources

  • Improve findability
    Symbolic AI and NLP engine with spell checker

    Inbenta’s engine understands the user’s intent regardless of specific keywords, typos, or jargon used thanks to the top Natural Language Processing technology.

  • Recommend relevant results across content sources
    Autocomplete suggestions with federated, unified search

    Provide them with result suggestions as they type based on their journey and intent. Allow them to filter their search with facets. Enrich search results by indexing content from your FAQ, CRM, and HRIS.

  • Improve customer journey
    Understand users with query analysis

    Monitor user requests in real-time, analyze search trends and identify missing content in order to optimize and enrich your knowledge base and subsequently improve. your customers’ journey.

  • Increase your conversion rates
    Ready-to-use e-commerce features

    Make it easy to search across your product catalog. Reduce friction and help customers go from search to cart in just a few clicks with easy-to-find products.

Forget about multiple search queries with Inbenta’s NLP Search

Save time and reduce frustration among your customers and employees
with a centralized search that finds answers across your content sources.


inbound support requests


conversion rate




reduction of the AHT

David Harrison

Contact Center Analyst

Alterra Mountain

It’s been significantly helpful for us. It frees up our agents now who can then focus on those more complicated questions. It definitely improves our service levels.”

Elisa Moreira

Customer Service Manager

GOL Airlines

Thanks to Inbenta’s solution, we are able to update the information that we deliver to our customers in a quick and easy way, making our customer’s life easier.”

Megan McCluskey

Senior Program Manager, CX marketing and communication


Developping new and creative ways to make information more searchable for our customers and our workers were key to improving both our customer experience and internal operations.”

Powered by inbenta

A low-code, open SaaS solution with a powerful NLP engine

– Intuitive low-code solution that requires no technical skills.

Integration with software and platforms you already use

– Easy and quick integration: SDK, API, SaaS, or On-premise.

Unlimited access to Inbenta’s interaction automation platform modules: live chat, FAQ, ticketing, and chatbot.