Discover the best AI Chatbot with no training required

Easily communicate with customers and provide instant answers seamlessly across your channels. Discover a different way to interact and offer automated, personalized support with Inbenta’s Chatbot:

  • Requires zero training
  • Comes with a pre-trained lexicon
  • Truly understands intent

Much more than your average chatbot

  • Symbolic AI & a Unique Lexicon:
    Understand Intent in +35 Languages

    Inbenta has a very unique kind of AI at its core. It combines:
    – our patented Symbolic AI and NLP technology with
    Inbenta Lexicon, a proprietary database including thousands of lexical and semantic relationships.

    This unique tech helps our chatbots detect intent and context to answer users’ questions with precision and no previous training, while helping companies have control over the chatbot interactions.

  • Much more than *just* information

    Using an informational chatbot as a means of communicating with your customers is already a great step, but customers expect the chatbot to handle all their requests, even when they are transactional.

    Inbenta is able to connect via webhooks and integrations with a long catalog of third-party platforms and pieces of software, helping you automate transactions, cut costs, and improve client satisfaction.

    Answer your customer needs 24/7 with Inbenta’s integrations.

  • Easily build your chatbot

    Discover Inbenta’s intuitive Workspace, offering:

    – a user-friendly screen to populate your chatbot content
    – dashboards to monitor your chatbot performance
    – a visual dialog manager to customize paths
    – testing tools to emulate the chatbot behavior
    – linguistic tools to fine-tune conversations

    Give it a try with our 14-day free trial!

Reduce the workload of your agents and cut costs

Free your agent’s time to help them focus on high-value requests with the implementation of a user-facing chatbot.


inbound support requests


conversion rate


hours training


decrease in AHT

Hear it from our customers

David Harrison

Contact Center Analyst

Alterra Mountain

It’s been significantly helpful for us. It frees up our agents now who can then focus on those more complicated questions. It definitely improves our service levels.”

Elisa Moreira

Customer Service Manager

GOL Airlines

Thanks to Inbenta’s solution, we are able to update the information that we deliver to our customers in a quick and easy way, making our customer’s life easier.”

Megan McCluskey

Senior Program Manager, CX marketing and communication


Developping new and creative ways to make information more searchable for our customers and our workers were key to improving both our customer experience and internal operations.”


Inbenta Chatbot In-Depth

Download our Chatbot data sheet and discover advanced features, integrations, and all the technicalities of the module in-depth.

All you need to know about the module is here!

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