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Year founded

Founded by Jordi Torras in Barcelona, Spain. Inbenta is an AI company that improves customer relations.



Inbenta has about 180 employees in different areas such as: Marketing, Product, Sales, Delivery.



More than 350 companies use Inbenta tools in various sectors: Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Travel.



Inbenta is located all around the world; in USA, Spain, France, Brazil, Netherlands and Japan.

More about Inbenta

Inbenta provides intelligent language optimization analytics with a DIY approach. Known for its AI offerings in natural language, knowledge management, and search, Inbenta provides a platform to run both employee and customer facing virtual agents.

Seeking to provide ‘human- like’ automated support, Inbenta has spent the past several years improving ease of use and jumpstarting customer projects with more OOTB assets. However, its strategy is to be a platform provider, not services. The result is strong language training capabilities but weaker partner ecosystem and supporting processional services, incurring additional cost. Further, its platform charges on a per-interaction basis, resulting in unpredictable cost scaling. The roadmap consists of further features primarily designed to help customers build and train virtual agents faster.

In platform, Inbenta features several capabilities that help it stand out – including supporting a large number of languages, and in-platform synthetic language testing that help builders avoid common development pitfalls. With these features, Inbenta helps customers jumpstart their custom chatbot journeys. However, Inbenta exclusively relies on custom-built web-hook integrations to external systems, lacking several ‘action taking’ capabilities outside its joined search and knowledge products. It is also newer to the chatbots for IT operations space, resulting in fewer pre-built assets, particularly integrations to ITSM/ESM platforms. Inbenta provides a platform for organizations with development resources looking to build customer and employee facing chatbots, and experiment with their usage in the IT space.

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