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Give your customers more power over their utility usage with AI chatbots and semantic search.



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Offloading support costs with customer self-service.

Inbenta’s knowledge management solution helps Butagaz improve customer satisfaction, acquire web traffic, and reduce the total amount of incoming support emails. See it live

We skyrocket customer support for utility service companies.


We help businesses increase the quality of customer care without sacrificing time to redundant user queries. With Inbenta, your agents can focus on only the most critical issues and divert everything else to our chatbot and semantic search tools for seamless, 24/7 online support.

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  • How much did I save on gas this month?
  • What is roaming?
  • How to view business energy usage.
  • Can I set up automatic payments?
  • How can I monitor my usage?
  • Can I forward my mail to a new address?

Performance by the numbers.


Support ticket deflection


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Optimize your customer experience with AI-powered self-service

  Inbenta gives customers the power of information with industry-leading self-service tools. No queues, no wait times, just 24/7 customer support. Powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Inbenta’s solutions are easy to deploy, so you can improve customer satisfaction, decrease support costs, and increase revenue starting from Day One.


FAQs & Simple Answers + Dialogs

The Inbenta chatbot understands customers in their natural, colloquial language. Using our semantic technologies, we’re able to match customer queries to your existing FAQs/answers with 80-95% accuracy, without relying on keywords or exact phrase matches.


Live Agent Escalation

In the uncommon instances during which a chatbot can’t help, or live agent is requested by the customer, the conversation is automatically escalated to the next available agent. The agent is given key insights from previous dialogs for a seamless hand-off.


Ticket Deflection

Inbenta provides solutions to customer issues in real-time as they type their problems into your support request forms. This allows us to solve user issues before they become tickets for your support agents.


Account Information

Customers are able to securely access their account information, such as their billing statements and usage, via webhook processing.



Inbenta allows customers to monitor water, energy, and internet usage within the chatbot dialog window.


Multiple Languages

Inbenta's solutions can be deployed in 30+ languages, bringing first-class customer care to a global market.

Inbenta can help you reach your customer support goals.

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