The Self-Serve Support
Your Insurance Customers Need

Your customers are counting on you. However, sometimes providing support at scale can be challenging.

Boost self-service while increasing conversion and satisfaction rates with the latest AI-based customer support platform for insurance.

You’ve got your customers covered,
we’ve got YOU covered

Insurance contracts are usually hard to understand. Customers try to navigate tens of pages of small-sized text to find the clause they are looking for. They’ve got questions, they report incidents, and they NEED your support.

Is your team overwhelmed trying to provide support at scale?

Discover the 24/7, real-time automation tool that will help you improve your best-in-class insurance support.

Provide unmatched support
with the top AI interaction platform

4 Solutions, 1 Platform

  • Your AI chatbot for insurance:
    helping policyholders along the way

    Disasters never sleep, neither should your service.
    Offer the best service while maximizing automation with the top insurance chatbot.

    – Automate claim submission
    – Simplify incident reporting
    – Boost policy add-on purchases and upgrades
    – Help clients find practitioners, car repair shops, and others without agent intervention
    – Automate client onboarding processes
    – Channel complex cases to a live agent

  • Improve insurance
    knowledge management with AI

    Help policyholders find the answers they need in a heartbeat.
    No more spending hours navigating documents or pages:

    Centralize policy information even from different sources, in a single AI-powered FAQ that understands the meaning behind words.

    – Get to know the most frequent concerns of policyholders and potential new clients with the analytics of your AI help center.

    – Update your CMS when you need it, in a couple of clicks and maximize self-service in times of peaks in support demand.

  • Manage all incidence reports and cases
    the most efficient way

    Unify your ticketing system in a queue of support cases thanks to Inbenta’s multichannel case management system.

    – Manage incident reports in the most organized way by centralizing tickets from email, social, and website contacts.

    Chat in real-time with policyholders when the case is too complex to be managed by your chatbot – no worries, it will escalate the case automatically!

    – Give answer suggestions to your agents in order to make sure answers are consistent and according to the policy.

  • Enterprise search to help
    insured clients find what they need

    The typical keyword-based search is dead. With Inbenta’s Enterprise Search you can help users:

    Search by meaning, not by keyword. Policyholders don’t speak the same jargon that appears in contracts. Inbenta understands the query and points to the right content.

    Search among different sources, whether internal or public-facing with a federated search that pulls data from all of your insurance materials to deliver the best results.

    – Find personalized answers thanks to previously-searched contents or contents related to a user’s insurance policy.

Protect yourself from peaks in support demand
while cutting costs

Benefits of support automation for insurance companies

  • Automate insurance support with the best self-serve service
    24/7 answers that reduce agents’ workload and AHT

    – Automate answers to repetitive queries that make agents lose time
    – Speed up Average Handling Times and increase first-contact resolution
    – Free time for agents to focus on higher-value tasks.

  • Boost loyalty and upsells
    Increase revenue while keeping great CSAT scores

    – Be reactive to issues and leave customers with a good impression.
    – Upgrade policies or upsell different insurance plans to existing customers.
    – Let them access and check their policies & invoices with 0 waiting time.

  • Personalize content to attract first-time clients
    A conversational platform that turns visitors into buyers

    – Catch visitors and make them your life-long customers.
    – Push promotions into a chat and increase campaign conversion.
    – Recommend promotions according to eligibility and provide all insurance-related information they might need.

Offer a premium insurance support


increase in conversions

from day 1

launch it in no time thanks to the 0 training needed


insurance-related predefined


typical return on investment.Wow, right?


Automating customer service:
3 elements to deliver the best support

Discover three smart solutions that can help you rebuild transform your call centers and improve your resolution and handling times while automating a big part of support requests. Discover how AI can help you do that and much more.