Conversational eCommerce:
AI chatbots, FAQ and more


  • Assist eCommerce visitors and boost sales with an instant support tool.
  • Provide the best shopping experience and turn visitors into loyal customers
  • Reduce your customer support workload and cut costs

With four conversational e-commerce solutions in one, you will boost customer satisfaction, decrease support costs and increase revenue from day one.

Conversational AI for eCommerce

Engage With Shoppers at Critical Points of Their Journey

While online shopping sounds effortless, there’s a lot of work that goes into making the customer journey successful — just ask your customer support team.
Inbenta’s customer interaction solutions help your team increase conversions and give automated answers at the best possible moment, so no conversions are lost on the way. Our solutions help improve customer satisfaction, decrease support costs, and help you increase revenue starting from day #1.

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4 eCommerce Solutions, 1 Conversational Platform

  • The AI chatbot for eCommerce
    to engage with customers at scale

    Chat with your customers through any channel. Guide them throughout their shopping journey with our chatbot solution:

    – Conversational shopper allowing personalization through variables which provides tailored content.

    – Intent identification that extracts contextual information to deliver the best response or escalate to live chat.

    – Automated end-to-end transactions through the chatbot interface that help turn visitors into loyal customers.

  • All your eCommerce information, ready for customers in a couple of clicks!

    Boost self-service by providing customers with dynamic access to content.

    Instant customer access to answers regarding frequently asked questions on order statuses, return policy, and more.

    – Analytics highlighting trends and most-visited answers, to help you get to know your customers better.

    – Content management tool to easily manage, edit, and update answers while quickly filling content gaps.

  • Centralize and manage shopping requests and eCommerce tickets from one platform

    Unify your ticketing system in a queue of support cases with Inbenta’s multichannel management system.

    – Manageable support queue centralizing tickets from email, social, and eCommerce contacts.

    eCommerce live chat for shoppers to easily escalate cases from a chatbot instance.

    – Content suggestion from your FAQs and more that helps eCommerce support agents answer with a single click.

  • Simplified eCommerce search with Inbenta’s NLP search engine

    Go beyond the typical keyword-based product search with Inbenta’s Enterprise Search.

    Semantic understanding of queries, regardless of retail synonyms or terms used by shoppers.

    Federated search that pulls data from all your sources, website sections, catalogs, and more to deliver the best results.

    – Product filters on search results to narrow down options depending on size, weight, color, price, and more.

Hear it from our customers

“Integration into our system was seamless, and ease of use – easy to train staff”

Johan V.
Product Owner – Contact Centre Technology
Food & Beverages, 10,001+ employees

Personalized, automated eCommerce support for all your shoppers

Benefits of automating customer service in the eCommerce industry

  • eCommerce automated support
  • eCommerce support automation
  • eCommerce customer support automation
  • Enable Self-Serve Support and Reduce Related Costs
    Instant Answers to Reduce Workload and Increase Efficiency

    – Automate the answer to repetitive requests that make agents lose time
    – Speed up case resolution
    – Free time for agents to focus on higher-value tasks.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty
    Improve CSAT Scores and Make Customers Come Back

    – Satisfy your customer needs instantly and leave them with a first-class experience.
    – Educate shoppers and give them access to all the information they need.
    – Let them track orders in real-time with 0 waiting time.

  • Boost Conversations With a Proactive Approach
    A Conversational Platform to Turn Visitors Into Buyers

    – Catch your customers before they leave your site.
    – Push promotions into a chat and increase campaign conversion.
    – Recommend similar products automatically when a specific item is out of stock.

Transform the eCommerce experience
with Conversational AI


increase in search-to-cart conversions

from day 1

launch it in no time thanks to the 0 training needed


predefined contents designed for e-commerce


typical return on investment.Wow, right?


Automating eCommerce Communications
Is Easier Than it Seems

Discover the three simple solutions you can implement on your site to increase efficiency and conversions. Read about how Groupon leverages Inbenta’s Enterprise Search and get access to Kompyte’s Conversational AI Benchmark for eCommerce.

Conversational AI for eCommerce