Develop intelligent, automated,
transactional conversations

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce support calls with the Inbenta Symbolic AI-powered Chatbot

Your customers want and expect immediate access to information to help them solve a problem or make a purchase. When these expectations aren’t met, customer satisfaction quickly deteriorates.

An AI chatbot that actually understands what a customer is trying to tell it, then quickly provides the relevant information can help change a frustrated prospect into a loyal customer. The question isn’t should a chatbot be used. The question is: are you choosing a chatbot that will serve your customers, your agents, and your business best.

With more than 15 years of experience delivering AI solutions to industry leaders around the world, Inbenta is a proven partner to its customers.

Inbenta can help you supercharge your customer interactions. The Inbenta AI Chatbot automatically engages in complex conversations with minimal training. Unlike keyword-based chatbots, the Inbenta Chatbot uses Symbolic AI to power its Natural Language Processing technology, enabling it to understand human languages in all their variations. It can detect the meaning of words and utterances without lengthy data training that is requested by brute-force machine learning algorithms. The result is an explainable AI that can be deployed within a matter of days. It continues to learn from every customer interaction, delivering even higher response rates and increased resolution rates.

How can Chatbots serve
your omnichannel strategy?

Provide smart and personalized assistance
with the Inbenta Chatbot module

Support your customers and agents alike with an AI chatbot that understands context. Customers feel heard and understood, while agents can focus on solving complex issues.

AI Chatbot resolution rate

30 to 50%
resolution rate

AI Chatbot seamless communication


AI Chatbot response rate

Up to 95% correct
response rate

A versatile AI Chatbot

A versatile and effective
AI Chatbot

The Inbenta AI chatbot not only delivers the most relevant information but also can execute back-end processes and transactions. Add additional functionality via Webhooks – from CRM integrations and billing systems to virtually any software you want connected to your bot.

In addition to your knowledge base, the Inbenta chatbot can be connected to a variety of content sources, from your support site and content management system to your third-party support applications. Federating sources of content ensures users are always presented with some information, even if the adequate content hasn’t been added to the knowledge base yet.

If despite all these functionalities, the Inbenta chatbot detects the need for human intervention, it can select the appropriate escalation path to seamlessly transfer the conversation to one of your support agents.

Learn how to build a transactional
chatbot today

A powerful AI
Chatbot platform

Inbenta’s intuitive and comprehensive Workspace offers a simple way to monitor your Inbenta chatbot performance thanks to dashboards and analytics. Our back-office enables you to manage your bot in total autonomy and make any needed changes without having to request and wait for them to be implemented. You can also customize the flow and paths of conversation thanks to the dialog manager. In a similar way, call center flows are used to define how agents handle various situations.

The Inbenta chatbot integrates with many third-party platforms through a large number of webhooks, API and SDK connectors. Visit the Integrations Hub for more information.

A powerful AI chatbot platform

Discover all the features natively available
with the Inbenta Chatbot module

AI Chatbot intent detection

Intent detection

Automatically detects the intent beyond a user’s question.

AI Chatbot context awareness

Context awareness

Understands the queries’ context thanks to our exhaustive Lexicon and semantic search engine.

AI federated chatbot

Federated bot

Connected to a variety of content sources to maximize the answer rate.

AI Chatbot with transactional intelligence

Transactional intelligence

Automatically detects the intent beyond a user’s question.

AI chatbot that supports variables and entities

Variables & Entities

Supports variables and entities for a personalized user experience.

AI Chatbot with seamless escalation

Seamless Escalation

Seamlessly connects the user to a live agent if the need is detected.

AI chatbot with simplified performance monitoring

Simplified performance monitoring

Intuitive and exhaustive dashboards monitor key performance indicators.

AI chatbot integrations

Large catalog of third party integrations

Connects to third-party platforms via webhooks, APIs and SDK connectors.

AI chatbot Javascript SDK

Javascript SDK

Leverage the Inbenta developed Javascript SDK.

Integrates with all your favorite
tools and platforms

NLP that understands
nuance in 30+ languages

Inbenta has Symbolic AI-fueled Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology at its core. This patented and proprietary technology coupled with the Inbenta Lexicon, a proprietary database that describes a Human language and the World where that language is spoken, enables the Inbenta Customer Interaction Platform to understand the meaning behind words.

Its built-in intent detection functionality enables the Inbenta AI chatbot to answer users’ questions with unparalleled precision. Through its unique combination of Symbolic AI and NLP technology, the chatbot can dynamically adapt its behavior and response, based on the context detected. This results in more relevant conversations and satisfied users.

Thanks to our commitment to continuous quality improvement in 30+ languages, you can be confident that your AI chatbot understands your customers in whatever language they prefer.

Discover how Inbenta
leverages symbolic AI
to automate customer

Explore the power of AI and NLP
for your customers and agents

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