We are Inbentors

What unites us

Natural language is the mode of communication that unites all humans. Inbenta makes this language understandable by machines thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Machines have the ability to make the work of humans less arduous. They are able to perform tasks with little added value, thanks to the automation of routine tasks, the instant execution of repetitive processes, and the massive processing of data.

Thanks to its technology, Inbenta creates a human-machine interface that is intuitive for humans. The machine adapts to humans’ natural language and not the other way around.

Artificial Intelligence at the service of Humans

Inbenta develops an Automatic Language Processing (or Natural Language Processing – NLP) engine, which provides answers to human intentions formulated in natural language.

This Artificial Intelligence is built on a deterministic approach: the machine acts according to specific rules exclusively validated by humans, which prevents all unethical behaviors and abuses.

Based on this proprietary and patented technology, Inbenta builds a set of conversational solutions for businesses such as chatbots, knowledge management tools and search engines.

Inbenta in figures

  • 200+ customers
  • 1 million user questions answered everyday
  • 8 offices around the world

Work-life balance at Inbenta

The quality of work life is at the heart of Inbenta’s core values. We want that, far from being only a constraint, work becomes an opportunity to be realized. Several actions have been put in place in order to take care of Inbentors as we do with our customers.

Continuous training

To be autonomous, you must have all the keys in hand. This is why every new Inbenta employee is hugely trained as part of the on-boarding process. Training continues over the years, to keep us at the cutting edge of innovation!

Exchange Program

One of the core principles of Inbenta is the ability to understand languages and cultures, all around the world. The Exchange Program allows Inbenta’s employees to work from any Inbenta office around the world for 3 months.

Work from home policy

The possibility of teleworking one day a week gives Inbentors the autonomy and flexibility that allows them to be more efficient and have a better Work-Life Balance.

Our commitments


Transparent leadership is the key to fostering a culture of trust between leaders and their employees. Each month Jordi Torras, our CEO, shares news and information about the company to all employees.


Our managers and team leaders not only are responsible for assessing and quantifying our employees’ performance but, most importantly, they are individuals who care about other individuals, providing emotional support to better achieve our employee’s professional development and our company’s vision.

Ethical behavior

Inbenta has adopted a zero-tolerance policy on corruption in all its forms and undertakes to comply with the anti-corruption laws applicable to it, in all circumstances.

Anti-discrimination policy

Inbenta puts in place different managerial practices to make no difference in the treatment of employees. Our main actions concerns:

  • Compensation policy with a salary matrix which only depends on skills and experience 
  • Career advancement: inbentors enjoy the same rights to training and career development 
  • Recruiting: our unique selection criteria are hard skills and soft skills.

Process approach

We work under the premise of the international accepted management method PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to coordinate the different processes and procedures implemented by our different areas. In this process, we include risk analysis identification, assessment, and treatment.

Our software development and business operations are run through the Agile method that best suits the structural characteristics of our organization and our software development.


We are a company at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution. But being innovative does not end with providing the most advanced technology. It is also about giving employees the chance to grow and develop new and exciting ideas. We have created an environment that encourages people to push the boundaries of what we believe the human race is capable of. No idea is a stupid idea and we practice that at Inbenta.

Team Work

At Inbenta we have to work in close-knit teams on various enterprises that form our organization. Despite the challenging situations of being a global company, we all enjoy what we do in part because of an environment dedicated to building team culture. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to our customers, not simply through building the best search solutions out there, but through ensuring we respect and trust the people we work with.


Sustainability and protecting the environment are a priority at Inbenta. We respect our environment and optimize the consumption of natural resources, identifying and managing our environmental aspects to reduce our impact on the environment. 

  • Reduce our waste: by limiting paper communication and favoring electronic signature 
  • Recycling: we’ve installed recycling bins for waste paper/cardboard and plastic/aluminum 
  • Support sustainable development: by purchasing organic maintenance products and encouraging « green » transport (bicycles, subway, …)