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Simplify air passengers’ journey with automation

Flying shouldn’t be stressful. From booking flights and navigating rewards to figuring out pet policies and locating lost luggage, passengers sign up for a lot more than just a ticket when they choose to fly with your airline. Helping passengers make the most out of their trip will bring them back to you for their next. But how to provide true real-time support to your passengers?

Inbenta’s customer interaction solutions
give passengers instant responses to all their requests in an automated way, optimizing the use of your resources and time. No queues, no wait times, just 24/7 customer support. Improve customer satisfaction, decrease support costs, and boost booking revenue from day #1.

4 Solutions, 1 Platform – You Choose

  • Automate support conversations with a travel or airline chatbot

    Chat with your customers through any channel. Help them throughout their booking or flying journey thanks to our chatbot solution:

    – Understand which booking steps need more support: identify common issues and extract contextual info.

    Streamline their booking and journey: enable end-to-end automated transactions and guide passengers to build loyalty.

    Customize their experience: enable variables and tailor content depending on behavior/routes.

    Escalate complex requests to your agents: live chat and ticketing module with access to conversation history.

  • Easily answer frequent traveler questions 24/7 without human assistance

    Give customers dynamic access to all information they might need to travel safely and successfully to their destination.

    Discover trends within frequently asked questions and fill content gaps to allow a maximum of self-service.

    Reduce the number of incoming support requests regarding flight statuses, booking cancellations, and more.

    Adapt your content strategy according to what your passengers’ needs are by identifying relevant topics.

  • Unify travel support tickets and requests from all your channels

    Unify your ticketing system in a queue of airline support cases thanks to Inbenta’s multichannel management system.

    – Converts emails, social and any other contact into a manageable queue for your airline agents to manage.

    Offers a live chat for passengers to easily escalate cases from a chatbot instance to your agents.

    – Provides ready answers from your database to your airline support agents so they can answer easily and in no time.

  • Make your travel site search take off

    Go beyond the typical keyword-based searches with Inbenta’s Enterprise Search.

    – Understand the semantic meaning of queries regardless of the specific keyword use by your airline customers.

    – Pull data from all your sources, website sections, travel FAQ, regulations, and more to deliver the best results.

    – Understand intent in an easy way and tailor responses in the most fine-grained manner.

Better travel service at scale?

We got you covered

  • Increase Self-Service Rates
    Automate airline support

    – Reduce the number of support tickets escalated to your airline agents.
    – Free time from your agents so they can dedicate to other more complex tasks.
    – Facilitate the answer to FAQ to reduce stress on the passenger’s end.

  • Improve Customer Support
    Improve CSAT scores and build loyalty with passengers

    – Be reactive and provide top-notch real-time support.
    – No more long waiting times until your airline passengers get the answer they’re looking for.
    – Guide them through flight bookings in-chat and assist their journeys in an easy way to prevent frustration.
    – Give them easy, real-time access to flight statuses, schedules, and baggage policies.

  • Automate Bookings, Cancellations, and More
    Boost conversions and simplify bookings

    – Encourage bookings, upgrades, and more using self-service tools.
    – Simplify bookings and modifications.

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Automating Travel Support

Discover how Skyscanner or Gol Airlines automate customer support by means of Inbenta’s customer interaction platform, with smart FAQ, chatbot solutions, and more.
Start exploring the future of air travel experiences, and get an overview of real implementation cases.

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