Conversational AI for Pharma and Healthcare: Chatbots, Search…

The digital post-pandemic era has accelerated the need to make available in the most accessible way any health information to patients and consumers.

With self-service tools like Inbenta’s, you can easily enter into conversations with them and provide answers to common questions regarding health procedures, side-effects of medication, and more.

Deliver a better patient experience

Health information has become critical in the past few years. Every human wants to know what’s safe for their health and get answers to their concerns and doubts regarding medication or access to healthcare services.

Public and private clinics and hospitals have been overwhelmed with work and phone patient assistance hotlines are at full capacity.

At Inbenta, we’ve built the best support platform based on Conversational AI to help you listen to patients and consumers’ questions 24/7, understand their requests, and give advice immediately.

Provide the best healthcare support
with the top AI platform

4 Solutions, 1 Platform

  • Provide health support 24/7 with a conversational AI chatbot

    Disease never sleeps, so neither should your support.
    Offer the best healthcare service while maximizing automation with the top health and pharma chatbot.

    – Give info on package inserts, medication guides…
    – Simplify medical appointment scheduling
    – Boost clinical trial enrollments
    – Help clients find practitioners on their own
    – Give patients access to their medical records
    – Channel complex cases to a live agent or a doctor

  • Make health information easily available to patients

    Give answer to frequently asked questions regarding medical procedures, side-effects for medication, medical appointments and more.

    Provide doctors, nurses and medical staff with access to relevant protocols, internal procedures, and other regulations.

    Reduce the workload and number of calls to your hospital or medical info phone lines.

  • Connect patients and consumers with the right stakeholder to solve inquiries

    – Enable Telehealth & eConsultations.

    – Unify patient and consumer requests from different channels into a single platform.

    – Provide a direct live chat with agents, drug specialists or doctors, who can receive cases escalated from the chatbot.

    – Improve support for low-emergency requests.

  • Power better search on your pharma or healthcare website

    Help patients and consumers easily locate the information and answers they need on your site.

    Centralize search from different medical sources into a single search box.

    Simplify search of side-effects, instructions of use and more for specific drugs or procedures using semantic search.

Hear it from our customers

Very flexible, clearly written documentation and SDK.”

Morgan P.

GCS Practice Manager
Information Services, 5001-10,000 employees

A more reactive
healthcare assistance is possible

Benefits of support automation for healthcare and pharma

  • Automate first-level requests in healthcare support
    24/7 answers to guide patients and consumers

    – Answer repetitive inquiries from patients and consumers.
    – Reduce the number of calls to your hospital or pharma hotline.
    – Simplify patient workflows with automation.

  • Improve overall patient experience
    Increase satisfaction regarding your hospital or clinic care

    – Minimize and simplify the journey for patients.
    – Identify support and request trends from patients & consumers.
    – Facilitate and simplify access to all information they need.

  • Assist and help medical & paramedical staff
    Provide a source of information to your teams

    – Give your medical staff up-to-date information.
    – Provide easy access to protocols.
    – Reduce the charge of your phone assistant teams.


decrease in incoming requests

from day 1

launch it in no time thanks to the zero training needed


typical return on investment.Wow, right?


Conversational AI: The Ultimate Guide

Healthcare is one of the industries that is suffering a deepest transformation thanks to conversational AI.

In this guide, we cover different technologies, best practices and specific healthcare and pharma use cases that will help you get started with your conversational AI project.

Conversational AI guide