Give Your Customers the Conversational Banking Experience They Deserve

Improve your customers’ online banking experience with automated 24/7 customer support solutions that will give them the right answers at all times.

We simplify customer support for banks

The new wave of digital banking is all about customer experience. With Inbenta, you can improve the quality of customer service without sacrificing time for redundant user queries. Focus only on the most critical issues and let our chatbot and semantic search tools provide seamless, 24/7 online support for you.

The Inbenta customer interaction platform enables you to provide immediate assistance to your clients, whether they need to transfer money, check account balances, or more.

Boost employee’s productivity, reduce support costs and increase customer retention rates.

The Best of AI in Digital Banking

4 Solutions, 1 Platform

  • Automate interactions
    with a banking chatbot

    Implement a banking chatbot on your site to help users find answers faster.

    Streamline transactions like money transfers and account balance checks from a conversational interface.

    Facilitate access to banking information and FAQs from any page of your site.

    – Provide tailored banking recommendations
    to your customers in an automated way.

  • Improve banking self-service
    with an online banking FAQ

    – Give customers dynamic access to all information they might need to manage their transactions, modify information from their accounts, and more.

    Increase accessibility to information about mortgages, loans, banking transactions, and more from a user-friendly search box.

    Reduce the number of incoming support requests that increase the workload of your bank tellers and support agents by boosting self-service on your site.

  • Now an easier way for customer support teams to provide elite digital experiences.

    A ticketing & live chat system that:

    Centralizes all banking support inquiries from email, social media, website channels, and any other source into a manageable queue.

    Enables direct, real-time communication with customers through a live chat that can easily escalate cases from the chatbot instance.

    Assist your bank tellers or support agents by providing them with preset answers from your database so they can answer faster than ever.

  • Improve search on your online bank site with Inbenta’s enterprise search

    Search that understands intent means your clients only have to search once.

    Decipher the true intent of your banking clients’ queries using semantic search.

    Help users when searching with predictive search and autocomplete capabilities, while leveraging past user search behavior or search trends.

    Pull search results from all your different sources, website sections, FAQ, regulations, and more to deliver the best results.

Taking digital banking to the next level

  • Lower support costs
    Lower handling times with 0 waiting time

    Skyrocket your support capacity by integrating self-service tools that will completely eliminate any waiting times and speed up support handling and case resolution for your agents or bank tellers.

  • 24/7 multilingual customer service
    Talk to your banking customers any time, in their preferred language

    Satisfy all of your clients with a virtual bank teller that’s available around-the-clock and able to speak in multiple languages.

  • Personalized, superior customer service
    Target banking recommendations

    Offer customer tailored promotions, banking or investment recommendations, and other banking services to improve their experience without increasing support or sales costs.

Transform your digital banking experience

up to 90%

of responses to support requests are automated


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typical return on investment. Amazing, right?


Chatbots in the Banking Industry

Find out how Conversational AI is helping financial institutions and banks improve customer service and automate a large number of tasks.