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Boost Enrollments and Enhance the Learning Experience with AI and an Education Chatbot

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With a new school year, comes new challenges. As you may have noticed, competition has been increasing over the past few years between training courses in digital marketing, design, programming, and so on.

The programs are becoming more and more exhaustive, the teachers more qualified and recognized. You think you have all the necessary ingredients for your school to be successful, but it is more and more difficult to stand out among the crowd!

That’s where chatbots come in, the latest tool to revolutionize the educational sector.

If you work for a business school or a digital school, you’ll find in this article some keys to face the new school year successfully while always having waiting lists for each of the courses offered by the institution you represent. Find out how below.

An education chatbot to help enroll new students

How do you get the data from potential students? Most of the time, with a form, but does it really work? What if you’re missing out on more opportunities along the way?

Most likely, many people are interested in training but don’t make the step for many different reasons: lack of time, family obligations, work, budget, etc…

They get informed, they look around your website but are still left with some doubts, and since they are looking for instant answers, they don’t commit to filling out a form. Ultimately, they know they will get a phone call later, and not all of them are ready for a phone conversation.

There is a way to advance the process with these hesitant or less mature leads, and it is by automating the answers to their questions thanks to an education chatbot, who will be able to:

Guide the user through the search

A chatbot for the education sector can be proactive and assist the user during the information and enrollment process, guiding them through the most frequently asked questions related to the course they are interested in. Thus, searching for specific information becomes an easy task.

Notify about news and relevant content

A virtual assistant or education chatbot can request data from the user in a conversational and less intrusive way. You can recommend the user subscribes to the newsletter or reminders list, which will allow the potential student to stay informed about course updates and new training available.

Help with paperwork

The registration process can be complex, but a chatbot for the education sector can collect the data and paperwork needed to create the file more smoothly and easily, without having to repeat data over and over again.

Education chatbot to improve the learning experience

New audiences and new ways of teaching

The integration of new technologies in training is another step towards digital education. Over the last few years, the offer has been evolving, thanks to videoconferencing classes that have enabled students from all over the world to attend training courses remotely.

By developing a different and intuitive experience, a new range of possibilities opens up and new challenges arise.

Students 2.0 expect quality and continuous assessment since the universities are no longer attended exclusively by students who want to complete their training, but also by professionals who want to continue learning to keep up to date or entrepreneurs embarking on new fields.

Each profile requires personalized attention, adjusted to their skills and the time they can devote to it. Artificial intelligence is the ideal solution to offer flexible training adapted to the needs of everyone. Users are free to search for the information they need whenever they want and in a simple way.

Chatbot in education, the efficiency everyone has been waiting for

Remote or face-to-face training can be further enhanced and streamlined by other AI-based tools.

For some people, it is complex to attend in-person or even remotely live training, especially when they are busy professionals, working all day long.

To these students, you want to give the same quality as others. Nevertheless, in case they are not able to attend the live/face-to-face course, they can always access the replay. But, what happens then to the questions they may have?

Instead of having to wait for the next class they might be able to attend to ask the teacher a question, a chatbot can answer them instantly or you could provide a dynamic FAQ to answer frequently asked questions about the lesson content, among other solutions.

It is also possible to go a step further in the available functions of virtual campuses or an app with the integration of artificial intelligence, reinforcing the work of teachers:

  • Solving students’ doubts 24 hours a day
  • Providing additional learning material
  • Being a communication medium between students and teachers (reminders, announcement of exam schedules, etc.).

A necessary turnaround for digital training

Artificial intelligence has benefits that have not yet been explored in the educational world and that can revolutionize it!

Being an indispensable support at every step of the training cycle, AI guarantees an optimal and unforgettable experience, both for students as well as for teachers and administrators, facilitating their work thanks to automation.