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3 Ways AI Can Help You Keep Your Workforce Happy

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Remote work isn’t going anywhere.

According to a joint study by Indeed and Glassdoor, remote work trailed only higher pay as the top reason for wanting a new job in 2023.

Luckily for anyone on the hunt, there are plenty of jobs available. There have been 8 million new job openings in the United States in 2024, well above pre-Covid numbers.

Employees today have the upper hand in the job market, leading many employers to look for new ways to retain their best workers. Technology fueled the upheaval. As it turns out, it may also be the solution.

The war for talent

HR teams and hiring managers today face a slew of new challenges:

  • Competition is tough. In this war for talent, your dream candidate might get through several rounds of interviews only to be whisked away by a more tantalizing offer.
  • High turnover can stretch out your HR team. Failing to answer applications quickly leaves a bad taste in the mouths of candidates and results in a bad brand image.
  • With more open positions, there’s less time to onboard new hires, leading to a frustrating first day on the job.

How do you acquire new talent while keeping your existing workforce happy?

One solution is Artificial Intelligence.Here are 3 ways AI can help you attract — and keep — the best employees: 

  1. Check in.
    In a remote work environment, communication is more important than ever. It’s key to understanding your employees’ moods, needs and concerns. Regular one-on-one meetings can help. As can a chatbot questionnaire: an anonymous, personal chatbot that asks simple yes/no questions to gauge an employee’s mood and stress level and lets you address concerns before they become a problem. 
  2. Automate your onboarding.
    AI can help make the entire hiring process a breeze. Never miss sending an email to candidates! (No one likes getting ghosted.) Automating the initial screening process with a hiring chatbot can save everyone time and anxiety. When you do choose a candidate, welcome them with an onboarding chatbot or digital learning center to orient them and answer questions.
  3. Create a culture of communication
    Today’s most successful HR departments keep the channels of communication open. An employee FAQ is a great way to address questions and be transparent about company policy. 

Why not use a chatbot to field HR-related questions? It may surprise you, but according to an Oracle survey, 64% of employees said they’d trust an anonymous, unjudging AI more than their own manager! Plus, using Search analytics, you can find out what topics are most important to your people.

There’s no denying how far the technology has come, and how quickly companies need to shift if they want their employees to stick around.

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