The conversational platform
that delivers real results

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Inbenta delivers industry-leading self-service rates of over 90%.
Our artificial intelligence and natural language processing increase customer happiness and your company’s bottom line.

Your search is over.

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The Benefits of Inbenta


Highly Conversational

Discover AI that gets personal because it understands your customer’s personality, tone and emotion, then interacts in ways that are engaging, helpful and quite human.


High Performance

Intelligent search. Seamless integration. Nimble deployment. Accurate results. Affordable technology. Remarkable customer satisfaction across industries, channels and languages. Any questions?


Machine Learning

Our powerful algorithms teach your AI to gain insights from every customer interaction and conversation, so it can continually optimize the user experience.


Easy to Get Started

We’ll deploy your future-proof solution faster and better than our competitors, with less workflow impact and more training and support. Seeing is believing.

When a customer types a question,
they want an accurate answer, fast.

Just like a real conversation