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  • Friday 30th September 2011

    5 reasons Natural Language Search might not work for your company

    1. Is it based on an existing, regular, keyword-based search engine? It won't work.

    Many natural language search providers promise a Natural Language search experience relying on existing keyword-based search engines. Most of the time, these vendors use “semantic expansion”.

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  • Monday 27th October 2014

    E-Commerce Search

    Inbentas AI-Powered, Intelligent Search is a semantic search engine that incorporates natural language processing. Our expert linguists have built an incomparable lexicon that enables our technology to process lexical functions. Inbenta's search understands long tail and complex queries that include idioms, slang, synonyms, misspellings, abbreviations and does not get tripped up by units of measurement, characters, symbols, website jargon or product models.


    Instead of customers trying to figure out how your search works, they focus on effortless shopping while Inbentas Intelligent Search works to understand your customer. It is like having a human agent receive a query and return relevant results.

    Inbentas multilingual search is available to replace your current search or can be integrated with your current platform to supercharge your existing search.

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  • Friday 27th February 2009

    Longer Search Queries

    According to a recent study made by the Web-analytics company Hitwise, the length of search engine keyphrases continues to grow. As opposed to queries that only contained a single keyword, searchers are now using three and four phrases as the standard.

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