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Our easy-to-deploy automated Customer Interactions Management Platform is used by enterprise companies around the world to improve customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and increase revenue.

Our goal is to make you an expert, that’s why we created the Inbenta Academy — a training program to get the most out of Inbenta products.

From conceptualizing your chatbot or knowledge base to developing it, our team will equip you with the knowledge to achieve your goals and maximize ROI.

Explore the power of AI and NLP
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Set Up Service

The Inbenta Academy Set Up Service is a support package exclusively designed to make the initial setup of our products easy and successful.

This program provides comprehensive advice for each of the different phases required to deploy our modules into production.

Inbenta Academy Set Up Service Module

Inbenta Academy Linguistic Quality Assurance Module

Linguistic Quality
Assurance Pack

Inbenta’s product suite provides lots of data and analytics to help users analyze the performance and perform a gap analysis to identify the missing topics in the knowledge base. 

In order to help our customers monitor performance, improve knowledge bases and feed dictionaries, Inbenta offers a “Linguistic Quality Assurance Pack” service that includes an 8-hour package in which our Knowledge Engineers team performs all the necessary analysis to help with improvements. This package is designed to cover one language. Our most successful customers have this pack contracted monthly.

This pack aligns with a general consultation framework which includes a four-step approach:
reviewing content, strategizing content, customizing the lexicon, and performing content gap analysis.

Inbenta Academy

Training the teams involved with the Inbenta modules is vital to help them understand how the functionalities should be applied in the best possible way.

In-depth Inbenta Academy” offers a wide range of courses and workshops so that users of different backgrounds can get the most out of the Inbenta Platform.

The courses are designed to cover all possible knowledge needs related to the different functionalities of the Inbenta Platform, they will be taught depending on the use case of each client.

In-Depth Inbenta Academy