How to Satisfy Customer Needs thanks to Automation?

If you want your customers to stay loyal to your company, you should make sure that you understand exactly what they need. This will help you to deliver the right products and services at the right time. The idea is to try to anticipate what they might need before they ask for it as the […]

Comparing Enterprise Chatbots with Basic Chatbots

“Hi, how can I help you?” Chatbots have taken websites by storm. Conversational AI technologies have transformed customer service point-of-contact interactions in sectors like eCommerce, airlines, banking & financial services, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and many…

How your business can benefit from proactive customer support

Proactive support is an approach that requires helping customers before they need to contact your support team. There isn’t one specific tool or feature that carries out this task; instead, it’s an overall plan incorporated into your customer service strategy and technology.

Introducing AppHub: Inbenta’s New Integrations Portal

Standalone projects can be successful at first, but building a holistic project will always require integrations with other systems. That’s why we’ve built a catalog of third-party integrations to help our customers add additional capabilities to their Inbenta projects (chatbot, live chat, help sites and more). 

Great Conversational Marketing Examples to Boost Revenue in 2022

It is nowadays difficult to imagine prehistoric human species drawing inside caves as a way to tell other tribe members where to hunt or how to harvest. Yet, this was a common way of communicating during that era. Since then, we’ve invented and created thousands of methods to talk—and sell—to each other.

What’s New in Customer Service Trends for 2022?

Digital transformation has shifted to a new phase where businesses must compete to differentiate themselves in the digital landscape and provide services that cater to employee and customer demands alike. 2022 will see new trends that will redefine the customer service landscape – what’s new this year?

Live Chat Support Tips for 2022 and Beyond

Customer demands have shifted towards digital channels, 24/7 services from multiple devices, but they still demand personalized interactions with humans. How do modern live chat support systems leverage digital tools to deliver the best of both worlds to customers?

4 Smart Tips to Optimize Support Ticketing Workflows

Investing in a ticketing system is a good start, but how do you get the most out of it? To keep your customer service team running like a well-oiled machine, you need to optimize your support ticketing workflows. This article gives you the recipe for reduced handling times and increased agent productivity and responsiveness when addressing customer queries and concerns.

Chatbots in Banking: The New Must-Have in Customer Care

For years, customers have been demanding more from their financial institutions. Covid-19, and the consequences that came from the pandemic only accelerated these customer demands. Consumers expect immediacy, personalized, and flawless interactions with their favorite brands and they expect the same from their banks.