Internet Retailer Exclusive: AI Experiences Boost Bottom Lines

CEO Jordi Torras sat down with Internet Retailer recently to talk about the unprecedented changes to the online customer experience as a result of emerging AI technology.

He explains that “an ideal online shopping experience is like the one you would get in the real world, where the customer goes into a store and engages in a meaningful conversation about what they want with a knowledgeable sales rep.” Replicating this experience digitally has proven to be one of the biggest hurdles within the e-commerce world; if the customer can’t find it, they can’t buy it.

Realizing that online shoppers need a better way to interact with retail brands, Inbenta created an AI-powered e-commerce search to better connect customers with the answers they are looking for, both within FAQs and product catalogs. According to Jordi, “artificial intelligence software is able to combine knowledge of products and how they’re used to help customers find merchandise very quickly and efficiently, as well as receive intelligent answers to any questions they may have.”

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