Surveys leverages our robust data metrics and ticketing tool, Backstage Analytics, so you can create surveys, view results and publish them. Truly knowing your customer means taking their answers seriously, and improving their future experiences.

4 surveys highlights:

• Instantly see your customer’s rating and experience comments
• Helps your support team discover problem areas quickly
• Great for rating user experiences after live agent and virtual assistant chats
• Easy to create surveys, view results, then publish them online


Easy to use, results that are tough to ignore

In today’s business world, customers affect business more than ever. Not only are they smarter and more discerning, their opinions can be a make or break for the reputation and revenue of your brand. With Inbenta Surveys doing the heavy lifting, you’ll have a system that’s easy to use and very flexible, because it can be linked right to a virtual assistant session or live agent conversation, to collect valuable insights right at the point of service, right away.

Surveys that go far beyond “Was this helpful?”

Whether customers chat with an Inbenta Virtual Assistant or your live agents, you can customise the user experience surveys to capture the help centre experience in depth, not just ending with “Was this information helpful?” Another benefit of this impressive feature is that it can be used as a stand-alone product to implement a massive feedback collection initiative.

Surveys in just a few simple steps

The best way to learn what your customers think is to use Inbenta’s Survey tool to ask them directly and get insights on whatever topic you want. Surveys use unique URLs so you can do this on your website, in emails, in your support tickets and even on social media. Here’s is how it works:

Create your own survey in the style you choose in our backend dashboard, Backstage Analytics.

Start of designYou’ll have many different styles of surveys and answer options to choose from.

Customize Your DesignBefore publishing a survey, you can see a live preview to make sure everything is correct.

Once the survey goes live, you can check the analytics as they happen, in real-time, and export data to a .csv file.AnalyticsIt’s very easy to incorporate Inbenta Surveys right into your user experience. An incredible tool that continues to be popular with our clients. Add it to your customer's experience