Social Media Ticketing

Social media ticketing

Social media ticketing instantly transforms messages from Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, online forums and consumer sites into an open ticket for your support team. This highly responsive feature lets you reach out to all customers across social media channels, quickly and easily, while providing invaluable marketing data.

5 social media ticketing highlights:

• Helps your support team respond to customers anywhere
• Gathers valuable data and feedback on your campaigns
• Stays up to date on customer conversations
• Connected to all SM assets in your ticketing system
• Increases the quality of your customer service

The open ticket evolution for social media messages

We’ve integrated our semantic search engine with the world’s most widely-used social network platforms. Together with NLP and predefined responses, you’ll be able to seamlessly manage the large volume of messages from Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, online forums and consumer sites, and them into sources for reaching out to more customers in their shopping journey.

Keep track of the hot topics your customers talk about

Built-in semantic clustering extracts hundreds of thousands of related comments and groups them by meaning, so you’ll always know what’s happening across your entire social media landscape. In particular, the clusters focus on the quality of customer service, the performance of your delivery system, product and service prices and feedback from your marketing campaigns.

Inbenta analyses each item, daily

We can send you email alerts with statistics on evolution, volume, and message sentiment (positive, neutral, negative) from any social connector you are using. What better way to quickly and effectively analyse and process social media messages and improve customer service.