Ticket Management

Ticket management

Inbenta's Ticket Management, or natural language ticketing, lets your help staff handle thousands of ticket questions with zero worries. A powerful tool that essentially turns ticketing into a conveyer belt of personalised, fast responses.

6 ticket management highlights:

• Locates content by the meaning of what’s typed
• Shortens wait times and processing time
• Makes ticket classification seamless
• Improves customer support response times
• Creates smoother workflow for your help staff
• Can cut your ticket traffic by more than 80%

Ticket management categorises everything

Very few tickets are alike. Most have details and levels of complexity that require time and energy to organise before they’re put in queue. Inbenta Natural Language Ticketing does this categorization using semantic search, grouping every ticket automatically so the right content is found quickly and every customer gets fast, accurate answers to their questions.

No more waiting, searching or frustration

Questions sometimes call for more than one answer and one resource in a single session. Using Inbenta’s Ticket Management tool together with support ticketing, your agents will no longer be bogged down with unresolved tickets sitting in queue for hours on end, and they can pass along a question to another agent in the appropriate department. For customers that means very short wait times, faster agent response and a great self-service experience.

Cut your ticket traffic by as much as 80%

The numbers speak for themselves. Our natural language ticketing feature instantly organises support tickets into the right queue, so your agents can prioritise which ones to answer first, second and so on. Every customer will get the same level of care and attention, whether their FAQ is in a tweet, a Facebook post, an email or any one of your other marketing channels you integrate support ticketing with.