Live Chat

Live Chat

Live Chat gives your support agents highly responsive and intuitive tools for helping online customers faster and smarter. For customers it means anytime they’re stuck, a chat window launches, instantly connecting them to that live agent, who have AI-fueled NLP tools to provide answers right away.

6 Live Chat highlights:

• Connects help staff to customers quickly
• Launches a chat window automatically
• Provides help faster than email responses
• Live Chat tools are adaptable to any platform
• Decreases traffic to live support centre agents
• Increases conversions and lowers costs


Optimise your customer service instantly

Inbenta AI-fueled natural language processing gives Live Chat the intuitive, highly responsive capabilities it needs to launch a chat box automatically. So that when a web visitor is spending a lot of time clicking and typing on a web page but isn’t finding what they need, your live agents can instantly engage that customer or prospect, to provide the right answers, faster.

Give live support agents more flexibility

Integrate Live Chat and your support centre staff will have greater flexibility to answer customer questions faster and more accurately. Not only does this cut down on the need for email responses, which are often slower, it’ll result in better outcomes, which will enhance the overall customer experience.

Comes equipped with Backstage Analytics

Now your agents can quickly access your website knowledge base, plus Live Chat is integrated with this powerful analytics management portal and ticketing system, which creates a simple agent experience that allows them to convert conversations to emails. No more need to swap tools, applications or screens, mid-sentence.


More chat features:

• Agents can have permissions for multiple chat queues
• Agents can navigate through open chats via chat bar tabs
• Agents can single-click FAQ search user messages
• Automatically detects when live agents are online
• Chat box close can be configured to specific idle time
• Chat message history
• Chat transcript PDF for user download
• Customizable sounds for chat invites and new messages
• Defines chat queues as customer service and tech support
• Double checks ‘received’ and ‘sent’ confirmations
• Expansion and minimization of chat bar
• FAQ search panel is side by side with chat
• Seamless login and logout for multiple agent chats
• Simultaneous chat box capability for agents
• Telegram Messenger is supported for user
• Timestamp for last time user was online
• Timestamp for the last user sent message
• Transcript to ticket can include ticket category
• User email in messages can be saved and linked to user profile
• Username/email can be shown side by side with chat box
• URL detection with built-in opening warning messages

Backstage Analytics monitoring and logs:

• Avg chat response times
• Avg chat times
• Downloading and printing of graphics and charts
• Number of total active chats
• Number of total waiting chats now
• Real-time chat monitor
• Real-time chat statistics

On/off preferences for:

• Chat transcript delivery to agent inbox
• Conversation transfer from one agent to another
• File and image attachments
• Message spell check
• One-click chat transcript-to-ticket conversion

Configurable indicators of active/waiting time to measure SLA include (can be filtered by queue):

• Active chat time objective (TAT)
• Graph for number of chats agents can accept now (total vs used capacity)
• Graphic showing chat state now (active and waiting) vs time
• List of connected agents with status, online time, last login and chat capacity usage
• Pie graph of logged agents (active vs away)
• Total and relative percentage of chats attended
• Total and relative number of unattended chats (chat abandonment rate)
• Total chats received
• Waiting chat time objective (ASA)

Chat agents logs (can be filtered by agent, date or queue):

• Agents activity graphed throughout selected days vs online/offline
• Agents activity statistics in the selected period (received and attended chats,
average wait time, average time active, average time connected by day)

Chat data executive reports (can be filtered by time period
and queues):

• Chat times graph with average wait and active times
• Received chats graph with attended and unattended chats

Both available as .csv for download and printing.