Email Management

Email management

Inbenta's Email Management cuts down ticket volume, increasing website sales volume. Your incoming bulk tickets will be answered quicker and more effectively than ever, which will leave a minimum of unresolved emails for your email centre and maximise your support agents’ ability to focus on the urgent customer questions.

5 email management highlights:

• Emails customers the answer, faster
• Reduces agent ticket calls
• Recommends agent responses
• Cuts down the number of tickets
• Manages large volumes of email

The competitive customer support advantage

Inbenta’s Email Management System’s response time for common ticket emails and online forms is fast, which will give you an edge over the competition. And it will give your customer service staff the power to answer the complex customer questions with the high level of attention they deserve.

Semantic search engine powered

From now on, only unresolved emails will reach your company’s email centre. Thanks to Inbenta Semantic Search, you’ll save a ton of time, resources and revenue which would be lost on the bulk of user queries, which can be answered through auto responses.

Backstage Analytics included

The email management system has our patented statistics feature built into its framework. These powerful predefined workflow tools automate email routeing, monitor information and send service-level agreements easily. It can also email auto responses and recommend responses and content to agents answering queries, together with our intelligent parsing tools.