Canned Responses

Canned responses

Canned responses make your support ticketing a whole lot easier and faster. This intelligent customer service feature fast tracks help desk resolutions, letting your live agents instantly pull ready-to-use answers to send in customer response emails. All of it via a robust Inbenta NLP-powered search box.

5 canned responses highlights:

  • Improves customer service through NLP
  • Lets your agents send accurate response emails, fast
  • Boosts customer support by as much as 60%
  • Agent search presents standard and congruent answers
  • Integration will reduce support agent workload and fatigue

Fast answers right from the search box

What happens when you give your customer service agents the power of canned responses? Instead of scrolling through hundreds of answers, they’ll be able to quickly locate the right one through an NLP-powered search box and turn it around in a customer support email faster than ever.   

Happy customers, happier support agents

Whether it’s hundreds or thousands of ready-to-use answers, your customer support agents will love how easy it is to search, find and email customers from incoming support tickets. Inbenta Canned Responses expand as your knowledge base and FAQs grow, so it’ll never be a challenge for your agents to manage.

Accurate and flexible everytime, all the time

Your customer support won’t have to worry about missing information or cumbersome manual actions that slow down their workflow. We’ll make sure your knowledge base and FAQs always return up-to-date answers that are current with your dynamic website content.