Auto Responses

Auto responses

Auto responses is a highly efficient way to answer the most commonly asked customer questions, automatically. Just think of how many queries are written differently, yet have a similar or the exact same meaning. When you add auto responses, our NLP technology that powers it is able to differentiate between the hundreds of question variations to help your live agents send the correct responses, every time.

5 auto responses highlights:

  • Automatically gives accurate answers to common questions
  • NLP matches queries to your site content
  • Enhances the customer service experience
  • Lowers your live agents’ call volume
  • Decreases your call centre workload

Break records in support ticket resolution

Inbenta’s Auto Response feature uses auto-scripted messages to respond to those repetitious questions which are often the reason for the majority of support ticket traffic. From now on, your live agents will be able to locate and send these messages to your customers long before call volume becomes out of control and unmanageable. Get ready to shatter your support ticket turnaround times.

Get answers that are intelligent and personalised

Through NLP in the auto responses, we’re able to match customer questions to your most relevant and fresh content which best answers the bulk tickets. The days of agents sending the wrong info and customers waiting 24 hours or more for a response are over.